5 Ways To Keep Your Office Healthy


A lot of people are understandably apprehensive about returning to ‘in-person’ work. Whenever there are a lot of people working in the same place, there is a greater risk of the transmission of germs and bacteria, and it’s important to take measures to keep people safe.

Most of us know the importance of distancing and of wearing face coverings, but there are also a few other things that you can do to keep everyone in your office as safe and healthy as possible.

Fit air filters on your Hand Dryers

Hand dryers have become more popular in recent years because they are a great way to cut back on paper towel use, which is better for the environment and means that less waste is produced.

However, in terms of the prevention of the spread of germs and bacteria, they aren’t really that great. A study has shown that hot air hand dryers actually suck up the bacteria from the air and then blast that bacteria around the room.

It has been shown that retrofitting hand dryers with HEPA air filters could help to reduce the bacterial spread, so this could be a good way to mitigate the risk.

Minimize the need for Door Handles

The more door handles you have, the more places there are for the people in your office to pick up bacteria.

It’s a good idea, wherever possible, to have open-plan offices as this removes the need for door handles and also promotes airflow. For those doorways which do need a door, you can also install smart sliding door systems which can be fitted on existing sliding doors and allow them to open automatically whenever someone approaches.

Encourage Regular Hand Washing

By far the most important thing that people can do to minimize the spread of germs and bacteria is to wash their hands regularly.

Every time you touch your face or a surface, the bacteria and germs are transferred to your hands. Then when you touch something else like a coffee cup, or you shake a colleague’s hand, those bacteria and germs are transferred. In this way, it’s very easy to spread bacteria and germs.

Washing your hands frequently means that you wash the bacteria off your hands and down the sink, which stops the spread.

Encourage Regular Keyboard Cleaning

Did you know that most keyboards have more germs on them than a toilet seat? Regular hand washing and hand sanitizing is a great way to keep the bacterial count on your keyboard low, but it’s also worth investing in some antibacterial wipes so that you can give it a clean every so often.

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Open the Windows

Opening up your windows and having good airflow around office buildings means that if there are any airborne bacteria or viruses, they will quickly be blown outside rather than being picked up by someone and causing them to become ill.

To encourage good airflow, you should open your windows, make use of fans, and ensure that the filters on your air conditioners are serviced and cleaned regularly.


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