Easy Ways to Manage Office Supplies


If you work in an office, you know that running out of paper, ink, or toner cartridges can put the office to a screeching halt. On the other hand, a lot of wastage can occur if you can keep ordering stuff before the previous order is over. Office supply management should be a big part of company processes to save money, increase productivity, and reduce wastage. Here are five easy ways to manage office supplies.

1) Limit access

All office supplies should be located in a central location with a lock and key. You can either appoint a few people who can access that room or have only one person responsible for office supplies. Having an open place where anyone can get in and take whatever they want is a disaster waiting to happen. Everyone must go through the person in charge, ask for what they want, and record the details in a supply book.

2) Order in bulk

Most suppliers will offer a discount if you order in bulk. It’s also expensive to keep ordering one item at a time because sometimes you will even pay the shipping fee. Keep up with your inventory log to know which items can be ordered together to last a month, so you don’t have to do mid-month shopping. For example, you can order corrugated boxes in NJ along with other packaging materials like bags, janitorial supplies, and envelopes.

3) Keep an inventory log

Even if people are writing down what they are taking, it’s essential to have a computerized inventory log. Tracking how many papers have been taken that week will help you to know when they are almost running out. You can download a free inventory tracker online so you can always order before stuff runs out. Tracking your inventory will also help you to know which supplies are used more so you can increase the order and reduce the ones that are rarely used.

4) Use the FIFO method

The first in first out method works amazingly to prevent wastage. Supplies like paper, ink, and toner can spoil if they stay for too long, even if you are not using them. You need to use what came in first before you get to the new stuff. The person in charge of inventory must ensure they give away the old things until they run out before opening the new ones.

5) Keep supplies organized

The supply room must be meticulously organized if you want to track what is there. When you have things all over the place, it’s hard to know how much paper is remaining even if you have an inventory log. Keep the room organized by putting similar things together and always moving the old stuff on top. If you have too much inventory, make a list that shows where everything is for easier access.

The secret to managing office supplies is paying close attention to what is going in and coming out. You must also educate the stuff about inventory management so they can stop wasting things.


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