4 Ways to Promote Wellness and Productivity in The Workplace


Wellness and productivity are two sides of the same coin. In order for people to remain productive, they must feel good about their work and their workplace. With that in mind, below are 4 ways to promote wellness and productivity right now.

Regular Breaks

People only have so much cognitive bandwidth and working too hard for too long puts pressure on it. Just because someone has not taken a break from work for quite some time does not necessarily mean they are working productively. If you want people to have the mental energy to get solid work done, they need to give their minds a rest to avoid burnout. Let people know that it is alright to take breaks to recharge.

A good way to make breaks more effective is to spend time on things that are cognitively stimulating. Word games like Scrabble are a great way to have fun while not shutting your brain off. If you are new to Scrabble and find yourself stuck on certain words, don’t forget there are websites like Unscramblex.com that help you unscramble words and come up with winning combinations.

Make the Office Green

It is well known in psychology that greenery and vegetation can have a significant positive impact on mood and well-being, as well as productivity. The mere sight of plants around the office can help break up what might otherwise be a monotonous cubicle environment and give people that boost of positive energy they need, especially at low points during the day, to spring back to life and remain productive and happy. Take care to select plants that do well indoors and place them in locations where they will receive adequate sun.

Allow People to Bring Pets

Many employers are coming around to the idea of pets in the office either once in a while and even every day. There has been research done on the positive effects that pets in the office have on employee morale and productivity, and if pets are house trained, non-aggressive and not disruptive, there is no reason why you can’t allow people to bring their cat or dog to the office. Obviously, employees must be made aware that they are completely responsible and liable for their pets while they are on company premises.

Hydration Stations

If you want employees to feel good and function at a high level, they need to be hydrated. Hydration is often one of the often overlooked aspects of employee health and well-being at work and employers who go out of their way to provide drinking stations, and even branded refillable company water bottles make sure that workers have two of the most essential tools they need for mental and physical health throughout the day: a hydrated brain and body. To keep your employees hydrated and healthy, you might want to consider mobile IV therapy in BeL Air, CA. This service can be delivered directly to your office, making it convenient and efficient. With mobile IV therapy, your workers can receive intravenous fluids that will replenish their hydration levels quickly and effectively, helping them stay alert and focused throughout the day.


Wellness and productivity go hand in hand. It is not possible for burned out, overworked people who are weighed down by their surroundings and aren’t giving their minds and bodies what they need to remain productive. Keep the above wellness and productivity tips in mind and make your office a place people want to be and work hard in.


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