Ways To Save Time And Money On Business Translation


Business translation from an expert team can see you well on your way to success.

Whatever size business you own or work for, you’ll probably want it to grow bigger and better than ever before. After all, that’s the reason most people are in business; to offer a successful service like no other. If you’redetermined to become even more successful and target many more people globally, then business translation is something to consider.

Global business is becoming a more popular idea for many. Years ago, there wasn’t even the slightest possibility of reaching other countries with your products and services, not to mention securing a big sale. However, technology has become much more advanced in recent years. People all over the world now have access to the internet to browse through websites of businesses across the globe, finding some product or service they need.

How can business translation help your organisation or brand? How can you save time and money on your marketing efforts by using effective, professional translation? Here are some different things you should keep in mind:

Don’t use online/machine translation.

If you’re serious about having correctly translated words on your documentsor website content for example,then you should steer well clear of free online translators. The same goes for trying to translate anything yourself, even if you think you could do a good job. Chances are, you’ll not be able to get the translated content accurate.

You need someone with experience who is not only confident in their translating abilities, but someone who can work on your behalf to save you time and money, whilst also bringing positive change and new customers to your business.

Hire an expert.

The last thing you want to do is to attempt any translation of website content or important documents yourself. If you’re not a highly qualified linguist with years of experience, then there is plenty of room for error or embarrassing mistranslations.

Mistranslations can not only leave a potential customer confused about the products or services you offer, but they’ll also lose any trust or loyalty they have with your business. If you can’t even get the translations right, then what do you expect people to think about the products you offer?

Your translations can make or break your chance of widening your target market and getting the word out to more countries. By hiring quality translation services or an expert linguist, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that they do their work well and to a high standard. By using both human and machine translation combined, there really is no room for error.

Finalise documents and content.

To prevent constant back and forth communication or sending different versions of the same document multiple times to a translator, you must always make sure each and every document is entirely up to date. This is not only frustrating for all involved, but it also takes up an awful lot of time which could be better spent elsewhere.

If a document or piece of content is updated on multiple occasions, you’ll probably be charged by a translator per amendment or by the number of extra words you submit. To ensure you don’t incur an extra charge or are waiting much longer for your finished translations, make sure all documents and files are completely finalised.

Get an extra opinion.

This point goes hand in hand with the previous. It’s important to triple check any documents or content that you plan on sending over to a translator. Anything that is to be translated should be proofread and checked over multiple times by other professionals at your business or those who know the industry well.

The initial process of proofreading content may take up a bit of time. However, in the long term, you’ll be saving much more time than you would if you constantly had to send back and forth documents once a new error is identified.

Clearly identify your target audience.

Writing for different audiences vary. The way to target an older audience will be much different from how you should target a younger audience, for example. The more information you give a translator about the translation you need and the audience you want to target, the better the outcome will be.

Translators will work hard to bring your translated content to life, whilst also considering who it is aimed at. By knowing this information in advance, it will save time and unnecessary communications between translator and business.

Set time aside to speak with your translator.

Instead of constant emails or phone calls back and forth to check a specific detail or to correct any errors, it’s crucially important to plan your time wisely. Make sure you plan early on and have everything finalised, then organise a meeting with your translator to go through everything.

One or two single meetings is much more convenient, and a better use of time for both parties than multiple calls more regularly to check up on different details. If you’re organised, you’ll save time and money too.

Business translation from a reputable company can be much more convenient.

You can easily save time and money with expert business translation services. Growing your business and reaching out to more customers will secure more sales and increase your trust and reputation. After all, when you put 110% into your business, you can’t afford to see your efforts fail.

Whether you’re a well-established business with a lot of positivity behind you from your customers, or you’re a brand new business just starting out, you need to be confident that you can retain your old customers as well as secure new ones regularly. With a translator, you’re in good hands and can be confident they’ll work tirelessly to bring you the right results.


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