Three Ways to Turn Your Home into a Fortress of Focus


Why is everyone always slagging on the notion of a man cave? We need our caves. Our fortress is a good thing where we can retreat from the real world and live out our own, unrealistic adventures, even if it is only in our minds. Those retreats are important. And as time goes on, you have fewer places to which you can retreat. You buy a big house that you get to enjoy for 10 minutes before your spouse fills it up with furniture, and children, and whatever that thing is over there in the corner.

Eventually you get pushed out of the living room and the dining room, and the family room. You end up with this one space you can call your own. Then you get mocked for having a man cave. Don’t despair, and don’t ever be ashamed of your cave. Instead, embrace it. Make it better, more functional, more purpose-driven. Once you gain some focus, you will be able to extend it to the rest of the house. There is no reason that useful things can be done in only one part of the house. Here are a few ways to transform your entire living space into a fortress of focus:

Financial Focus

You are a strategic thinker about many things that do not require it, such as how to make the most kills in Call of Duty. When playing a meaningless game, you take on the strategic thought process of a 4-star General. If you applied even part of that mental focus toward your debt, you would be financially free by now.

The first thing you need are strategic debt solutions that can get you completely out of debt rather than just pushing debt around like a child faced with broccoli that they have no intentions of eating. They believe that by pushing food around on their plate, they can fool their parents into thinking they gave it a good try. Stop pushing your debt around and start erasing it.

Make your house a partner in the effort by setting aside a spot for dealing with bills. There is no excuse for not paying a bill on account of having lost track of it. If there is no organization in your house or a sensible place where finances are handled, you are just leaving it to chance. Having a focus place for working on finances will also help to focus your mind on the task.

Work Focus

You need all the help you can get when it comes to keeping focused at work, especially if that work is done from home. The early assumption was that after the pandemic, everyone would just return to the office. But big tech firms are facing long term change in that they are instituting hybrid programs where people can work from home at least part of the time.

Working from home has been a rocky transition for many because they do not have focused places for work in their home. They are using the one uncluttered spot on the kitchen table while the kids run and scream in the same area. That is no way to work. There needs to be a part of the house that is off limits to the kids and the dog where focused work can be done. This rule can be time limited to normal working hours. If you don’t have such a place in your home, you are jeopardizing your job. Do the right thing and carve out a place in your home where the work gets done.

Focused Entertainment

In the same way that you need a place dedicated to family finances and work, you also need a place devoted to family fun. Don’t work in the no-work zone. That is where you put the TV and the surround sound, and the board games. Keep that area sacred so that everyone has at least one place they can go and have some fun without having to deal with anything else.

Your man cave serves a purpose. But it can’t serve every purpose. Make sure your house has a place for finances, a place for work, and a dedicated place for entertainment.


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