5 Smart Ways to Use Screen Sharing in Your Business


As the name suggests, screen sharing is a feature that lets multiple devices share the same screen. Even though it has been around since the mid-1990s, many people neglect to consider its advantages. If you’re searching for a powerful tool that can take everything from presentations to customer support to the next level, consider some of the smart ways you can use screen sharing in your business.

Train Remote Employees

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Thanks to the power of the internet, you can have employees working for you from just about anywhere in the country. If you need a way to train these remote employees, consider screen sharing. With screen sharing, you can save money by not having to pay for travel expenses or materials. Instead, all the materials your remote employees will need are right on their computer screen, and you’ll be able to walk them through the entire training using screen sharing.

Customer Support

If you’ve worked in customer service, you know how difficult it is to provide answers and solutions when you’re not sure if the customer is looking at the same thing you’re seeing. Rather than trying to load training videos, send how-to documents, or deal with confusing phone calls, you can use screen sharing to offer outstanding customer support. Once you get on a video call with your customers and you can share their screen, you can immediately see the problem and work through it in real time.

Online Meetings

If you need real-time collaboration between colleagues or teams during an online meeting, screen sharing can help. You’ll be able to share charts, graphs, images, and other content related to your meeting with all the attendees. This guarantees that everyone will be able to see the important information when they need to see it. Screen sharing not only can help decrease the length of the meeting but also can increase the clarity of the topics covered.

Sales Demonstrations

It’s sometimes difficult to try to explain what you’re selling and its advantages to potential clients. However, with screen sharing, you can do more than just explain what you’re selling — you can also let them experience it. You can simply share your screen with your potential clients and let them see the features for themselves. Screen sharing is a powerful tool for making connections and helping you create a more engaging and memorable sales demonstration.

Review Documents

Have you ever been reviewing a document with a team and everyone is trying to make changes at the same time? Before you know it, you have a massive email chain and no one is quite sure which version of the document is the current one. Rather than waste time trying to keep up with email chains, you can simply use screen sharing to let everyone see the document in real time and make changes together.

Whether you’re interested in improving presentations or helping your teams run more efficiently, you know you can turn to screen sharing to enhance your business and increase the productivity of your collaborations.


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