What Causes the Internet to be Slow?


The Internet has become an essential commodity and that makes the sluggish connection even more unacceptable. During quarantine and before that too, our devices, work, and social lives are largely dependent on the internet. However, during the global pandemic, most of the jobs and work were and still are dependent on the internet alone. Not a bad thing at all. It helped businesses and jobs survived and produced a new job industry to masses i.e. virtual. It was always there but now it is acknowledged across the world.

Internet service could be received through cable, devices, dongles, routers, modems, data, and whatnot – but essentially it is vulnerable due to its nature. The speed on the internet, no matter how slow or as fast as 4G or 5G has always been a debate. Various factors are contributing to the speed of the internet you receive.

In this article, we are going to walk you through some common reasons why and what causes the internet to be slow. Before we dive into details, please ensure you have a steady and reliable internet connection such as CenturyLink Internet. So, let’s figure out the causes behind the sluggish internet speed you witness now and then:

Your Router is Cheap

While purchasing a home router, keep in mind that it will be cheap and efficient to support your entertainment requirements. Routers that price $20 are best but, the $200 cost of routers may not be as efficient for your home services. The router software is crucial for the best internet streaming. You can use available CPUs and PCs for the best performance of routers. An expensive router weighs more and vice versa its functionality. Trevor Textor said that expensive CPUs with high memory contain more metal pieces. Invest in a good router!

You Don’t Know Your Mbps

While going through broadband services on the internet, you should be aware of the “Mbps”. It is based on the speed of the internet e.g., 2Mbps, 4Mbps, and goes up to 15 Mbps. Some beginners do not know much about Mbps and what package of Mbps they require for their home.

What Mbps package is available at reasonable prices? Mbps is the speed of the internet just like the horsepower of a car. You can search out the speed of the internet through Google search; for doing this enter the “speed of internet” and you will find the speed of your internet at top of the browsing result. Ryan Hansen provided the basic information about Mbps and the speed of the internet for customer services.

You Need a Better Plan

After estimating the speed of the internet, as you find after browsing from the search bar, the service provider told about their internet speed. If the numbers do not match, your cable operator may be dishonest with you. However, there still are some factors that you should consider before changing the provider. Make sure the router is placed at the position where there is no blockage, and the plan you are using is sufficient for you. If the problem persists, the best solution to your problem is to change your ISP or internet service operator or consult with others.

You’re on an Overloaded Channel

The channel of Wi-Fi also matters a lot in the overall speed of the internet. It is based on radio signals and operates on the same transmission pattern. Wi-Fi networks also switch on to different channels that might cause the problem of slow internet. A tool called “Network Analyzer” software is best to check the speed of Wi-Fi networks.

Final thoughts

In the aforementioned discussion, we have tried to cover the core reasons why internet speed is often sluggish. We hope this will resolve your concern about observing slow internet speed and what causes it to act like this. If not, you are pretty close to figuring out after reading this, call the technical support of your ISP and they will guide you.

Now that you know better, we expect and really want you to do better. Besides that, you should consider some DIY methods too such as the placement of router/modem, software updates, number of users at one point, peak hours, your data plan and its consumption, nature of internet consumption, your package, and make sure your Wi-Fi is password protected so nobody else outside your premises it using it.


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