What do you learn in a Global Business Management Program?


A career in business can be very rewarding, but there are many aspects of business that may appeal to you and narrowing down the field to find a suitable program to study can often be challenging and confusing. Let’s explore what sets a program in global business management apart and highlight some program-specific outcomes for this particular avenue within the large landscape of business.

A global business management program can provide students with a thorough understanding of the following aspects of running a successful business on a global scale.

Finance and trade

International finance and trade are important to operating a business internationally. Global business management programs will teach you specific financial tools and strategies relevant to key markets around the world. As international business often encompasses international trade and supply chain management, students often examine case studies for trade law, which may include trade agreements, intellectual property rights and the legal frameworks and regulations that govern international business transactions. You will also unpack the factors that go into managing global supply chains, such as transportation, distribution, sourcing and warehousing.


By its very nature, global business management requires that individuals from different geographic and political regions work together. High-performance teamwork and cross-cultural communication are essential skills in global business and key features of a global business management program. You will learn how to effectively communicate in a professional setting and manage teams of individuals that come from diverse cultural backgrounds.


Equally important, students in global business must learn how to communicate with their target audiences in cultures and countries different from their own. The nuance of language, coupled with social norms and etiquette can make marketing a business in a foreign country challenging. A global business management program will teach you how to maintain a strong international brand image through effective marketing strategies for various cultural, economic and political environments.

Project Management

Project management skills are useful to have in general and in a global business management program you will get an introduction to effective project management techniques based on the best practices and principles set forth by the Project Management Institute (PMI), an international authority on project management.


With the knowledge to run every aspect of a business and the ability to operate a business beyond the borders of your own country, why not reach for the stars and pursue your own entrepreneurial aspirations. In a global business management program, you will learn how to access your inner ability to lead employees, persuade investors and motivate people through charismatic confidence. Don’t stop short of achieving your biggest dreams.

Overall, a global business management program can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in today’s increasingly interconnected and globalized business world.

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