What Does the Term Lighting Control Systems Mean?


The term lighting control systems highlights brilliant networked systems followed by lighting control by devices. These gadgets include light control switches, light control touchscreens, signals from other building systems (fire alarm or HVAC), relays, occupancy centers, photocells, clock switches, a variety of manual and automatic dimming devices, and centralized controls.

Why do we need to have lighting control systems and how does it is beneficial for us?

Light is the most commonly used appliance in houses, streets, or anywhere. They have no variable controls, whether it is full of brightness or off. Its benefit is more than accessing a level between 0% and 100%. A lighting control system can play an essential role in today’s commercial buildings. Talking about benefits, there are so many benefits of having a lighting control system.

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  1. Convenience: it is very convenient to use as we can turn all the lights off by just clicking one button rather than turning off each light. It will get adjusted according to the sensor, sunset, or sunrise. We can adjust lights from the phone anywhere in the world.
  2. Elegance: this lighting system shows elegance like if we are not liking brightness or if it is very harsh we can dim the light according to our choice. Dimming the light completely changes the vibe and mindset of a person as it creates a beautiful layer of light. Lightning is very essential for a home’s interior and lighting control can make your home look way more beautiful than it actually is.
  3. Aesthetic: one of the important benefits this lighting control system gives is creating aesthetic by the looks of controlling lights and uniting those switches into two or three keypads with engraved buttons makes for a sensational improvement, with screw fewer faceplates in shading or material to match the divider.
  4. Safety: the most important benefit of having a lighting control system is that it can provide safety such that it sets lighting scenes to turn on indiscriminately times, giving the vibe of a resided in the home to any individual who might be watching which can often safe you from getting robbed. This lighting system also has access to smoke or fire alarms, so that it will protect you from such emergencies by providing a path to exit home. It can also protect from an intruder by turning all lights too bright or too dim so that intruder can’t see.
  5. Energy saver: lastly, but an important benefit is that lighting control is a green solution by nature. By dimming the lights, you save the electricity and energy of light bulbs. It can also save your energy if you are way too lazy to switch off or on all the lights and in this way you are also saving your time so that it is time-saving too. It is the only technology that saves energy as well as makes you feel comfortable. And during such cases when you accidentally leave the lights ON, you can switch them off from your phone from anywhere outside the house. It also meets current energy code requirements. It can also be used at restaurants, streets, or anywhere else.

Where the idea of a lighting control system does comes from?

Talking about the past, lighting control systems used to be in cabinets of dimmers or relays installed in a mechanical room connected to a computer module that required a programmer to make them work. Current lighting control is a better approach to manage lighting control by giving an appropriate control plan that works faster, the case and can be charged in minutes by anyone with mobile using the Zūm application. It can be made of wire but to give aesthetic look, we have the option of wireless too.

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