What Makes a Good Business Blog?


Are you thinking about starting a business blog? This is a venture that a lot of brands are thinking about since it can help to drive traffic to their website and build an audience. But, if you are new to blogging, this task might not be as easy as it sounds. You are going to have a lot of competition and you have to ensure that your blog offers something unique and engaging for readers. Here are some tips on how you can make a good business blog.

Offer New Insights

Let’s be honest; anybody can look up a blog post online and rewrite that content. This is a quick and easy way to fill out your business blog and have a lot of posts to for viewers to read. But, this is something that you want to avoid doing. All it is going to do is make your business blog blend in with the crowd and be like everyone else. You need to ensure that you are doing something different to stand out.

In other words, you need your business blog to offer new insights. For some examples on engaging content, check out https://businesscobra.com/category/business/. there are host of new blog posts you can read here. While it is a good idea to choose trending topics and write about elements that interest a lot of people, you want to offer new facts and perspectives. This is going to allow viewers to enjoy your blog posts and gain something valuable from them. When you write engaging and interesting posts that people enjoy, they are going to keep coming back for more.

Write Conversationally

When writing business blog posts, a lot of writers think that they have to write complicated and technical content. But, this is not always what is called for. In fact, it is important to remember that you are going to get a range of visitors to your business blog. The best way to write is as if you are having a conversation with someone. You can still cover difficult topics but this should be in a way where the language is simple. This is going to allow it to be easy to read your blog and not feel like it is hard work for the reader.

Something to avoid is writing in slang. This is not going to be appropriate for a business blog. But, keep things casual and avoid technical jargon and long sentences. Imagine you are sitting down and having a conversation with someone. In particular, if you have customers, you are going to want to write blog posts that are suitable for them.

Post Consistently

One of the most important things you have to do with a business blog is post new content on a consistent basis. This is going to ensure that your readers are able to learn a lot of new information and they will keep coming back for new posts. Writing every once in a while is not going to allow your blog to take off, even if you do have engaging posts and good topics to write about.

First of all, you want to create a schedule for posting. When your business blog is new, you want to be posting a new piece twice or three times a week. Once you have a good range of posts on your blog, you can cut this down to once a week. Just ensure that you plan your content in advance so that you have new and interesting topics to write about. It is also going to save you time when it comes to sitting down and writing them.

Involve the Whole Team

If you are a business, this is an opportunity to involve the whole team in creating a blog. The reason for this is that every member of your team is valuable and they are going to have their own interests, ideas and opinions. Having a business blog is the perfect way to take advantage of this and make stories interesting for your audience to read. Every member of your team can have their own profile and contribute to the blog. Over time, certain staff members might become popular with readers and this can be fulfilling for them.

Interact with Comments

Do not forget that a business blog offers a lot of opportunity to engage and interact with customers and readers. You can turn on comments on blog posts, which is going to allow everyone to ask questions and leave their own opinions. One thing you do want to do is take the time to reply. This is a good way of building rapport with customers and ensuring everyone feels that their opinion is valued. It is also going to encourage your audience to come back for more blog posts when they feel like there is a sense of community.


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