What Makes A Good Exhibition Stand?


Are you a designer looking to ensure your exhibition stands out? Well, you have found yourself at the right place, as in this article we will break down the very basics of an exhibition stand and how to make a good one.

There are a lot of significant factors that exhibitors and exhibition designers bear in mind when creating exhibition stands that are well-equipped enough to perform when the hall doors open.

Generally speaking, the factors that one must consider range from the overall concept and lighting to the product displays. The exhibition stand is supposed to represent offers, events, and the lead-capturing processes so that it can create some sort of spark to initiate conversations between the brand and its target audiences.

If you find yourself too confused about it, you could always look for companies that assure a good exhibition stand, for example, Tecna Uk. If not, read on for a step-by-step breakdown of how to ensure you end up with a great exhibition stand.

Clear-cut concept briefings:

Make sure your team is well briefed about why they are there and the key points of your brand that you want to get across at that event. Don’t overcomplicate things, but just go over the few basic points of the company, its products, and its services.

Overall Targets:

One of the most important things to do is to set achievable, practical, and measurable targets. Success can only be visible if it’s clear in that sense, and it can be in the form of anything ranging from the number of visitors on a stand to the orders processed.

Lead Capturing and Follow-Ups:

Letting leads go cold is one of the worst mistakes an exhibitor can make, and unfortunately, it’s a common one as well. If someone hands you a business card or a query, get back to them with the information as soon as possible.

Engagement Tactics:

To each, its own is what works when it comes to engagement strategies, and what mostly works is thinking beyond the scope of ordinary minds. Become a good listener instead of going on about your brand and becoming the very nightmare of a visitor, which is being stuck with a salesperson. Make engaging activities like food, music, and drinks available to ensure visitors catch a break from the hustle of the exhibition hall.


The people you end up choosing to represent you basically seal the deal, as they are the ones that symbolize the brand on the stand. The decision of who to choose should be made wisely, and you should look for people that not only have good business knowledge but are also naturally engaging in nature. Rotate different teams to ensure that everyone stays fresh and that your brand is effectively promoted.

Exclusive Offers:

Nobody lets a good discount or offer slide, so use that to your advantage. Give them something durable and meaningful, and your target audience will like the children. Making an extra effort like this can really make you stand out in a crowd of exhibits, so put a generous amount of thought into it.

To conclude, the effort shows in the little things and really helps you put out an amazing exhibition stand. We hope the above-given points do help you factor in important decisions in terms of putting forth an exhibition.


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