Get To Know What SCRUM Is And How To Ace Your Business With It


If you have that same blank face as I did when I initially thought the word SCRUM had something to do with a sporting event then you too would be surely mistaken it couldn’t be more opposite to the reality.

The word SCRUM in the business world means working together as a team, to take on, tackle, and complete complex and overwhelming challenges or tasks by breaking them down into smaller, more manageable compartments and revising and tweaking them along the way.

Now if they could just come up with a great solution to fit into this formula regarding marriage and kids we would all be less grey-haired and addicted to coffee, am I right parents?

When it comes to implementing a SCRUM formula into your business and workplace the main objective is to have everyone working together nearby and maximizing the workload and goal achievements and ticking them off along the way of progress.

The term was derived from how rugby players come in ‘huddle’ formation as such and work out a plan of attack and go forth as a team.

The great story and history behind this term can be read about here but essentially the concept is to keep up communications within the project and work environments and to regroup at set intervals to be briefed on development and make changes if necessary to advance further.

5 Reasons why businesses use SCRUM.

Each company and brand have their way of doing things, their ideas of concepts, and how things should be run and this is fine too, each to their own as my granny used to say.

But having a look at the SCRUM method of doing things won’t hurt you, especially with its increasing popularity in the business world, and who knows this may well be the answer you have been looking for.

  • One of the main objectives of using this process is that there are no set rules or set guides to how things have to be done with no leeway. You break each section up into smaller parts, keep checking in to see it is going according to plan and if not, change and rearrange the way to execute it most effectively and efficiently.
  • Having a way of doing and completing tasks that allow the staff, as well as the company to grow as it evolves and expands, is more compromising than one that tries to mold individuals and their personalities or ideas into a set ‘cookie-cutter’ way of thinking. There is room for being more than you can be.

If this is something you have considered for a while but have not yet taken the plunge on for fear of not knowing enough or being overwhelmed, then check out this website to get professional advice and guidance on how best to approach this program within your brand and the method best suited to bring out the best in your employees.

  • This is my favorite feature about the SCRUM method because you are constantly tuning in and seeing if all is on track, there is less chance of a problem getting out of hand by growing too big before anyone notices. You can adapt solutions to issues as you walk the path.
  • By having all the jobs and tasks split into teams there is an easier way to stay on top of it all, you can see which team is doing what at any given time and how far along they are to finalizing plans and reaching goal objectives.
  • No uncertainty. Everyone is briefed at the same time, in the same room, and thus there are fewer confusions down the line as to where to be and when in terms of headway. Each person lets the rest of the group in on their teams’ advancements and issues if any and as a group come together to find a solution.

Flexibility with SCRUM.

The greatest feature about this creation of a business, especially for software development, is the fact that you have an end goal in sight, and that never changes, the strategy along the way, however, might and that’s ok.

By simply adding in an extra short term goal into the plans for instance such as bringing in an advisor or extra training for your staff, a hurdle can be easily overcome and all without losing sight of the prize at the end of the day. It’s a win-win.

You may be an employee, a manager, or even own the place, either way, finding a solution to ensuring the most effective work ethics and practices is key to a long-term successful operation. Employee morale will be up, and happy staff makes for productive work.

What have you got to lose, am I right?

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