What Should You Not do When Having An Anxiety Attack?


A panic attack is an abrupt outburst of anxiety showing emotional and physical signs. There is always a reason or a trigger behind these panic attacks, and their intensity may increase, leading to more severe symptoms such as shortness of breath and may require emergency medical care. People who often suffer from panic attacks may keep their anxiety meds with them and use them occasionally, but when this panic attack is sudden with no history of anxiety symptoms, it is high time to get a complete medical evaluation.

It may look challenging, but you can truly help yourself or a person around you who is having a panic attack. Most anxiety patients Buy Xanax 2mg and keep them to avoid these unforeseen attacks, but even if they still show up, here is what to do and what not to do.

Medical Support

The first thing to do when panic attacks may hit you is to look for your medication. There is only one medicine that relieves anxiety and panic attack signs, and that is ‘xanax’. If you can’t keep it in stock with you, get a hold of the local sellers having Xanax Bar For Sale.

Those who don’t wish to get it from a pharmacy can also opt for online pharmacies, but make sure to buy Xanax online from a reliable seller like xanaxonlineforsale.com to receive genuine medicines. If you are unsure about using the medicine, feel free to book an appointment with a certified doctor and discuss your medicine options.

Emotional Support

The second thing which compliments the working of medicines is emotional support. This emotional support is mostly provided by the people around you, and it is not necessary to share a bond with them. Sometimes strangers on roads also provide support while a passerby experiences an emotional breakdown.

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What Not to Do?

Make sure you refrain from saying insensitive things to a person suffering from a panic attack, for example, ‘calm down’, ‘it’s not a big issue’, ‘why are you worried’, ‘don’t worry, ‘I feel you, ‘it’s all in your head’, or things like that. An even worse thing is to suggest self-proclaimed treatments for anxiety, such as walking, breathing exercise, or yoga. It is not necessary for everyone to get the same effects from these remedies. And during this point, when they are most vulnerable, suggesting solutions instead of comforting them will make their condition worse.

What Can You Do?

In case of a panic attack, here is what you can do. Call a friend, family member, or any person you can trust to come to you and bring you anything you may need. But if you are an anxiety patient, it is better to buy Xanax 2mg in advance instead of searching for it at the last moment.

If you are searching for online stores with Xanax Bar For Sale, choose the one that offers the fastest doorstep delivery, such as xanaxonlineforsale.com. If anyone around you has a panic attack, stay with him, make him calm and offer help. Be considerate with your statements, and avoid hurting his sentiments. Lastly, take him to the nearest hospital or call an ambulance if you see his symptoms going intense, with a high risk of an irreversible loss.


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