What to Do When You Forget to Pack Something Important


Out of town on vacation and forgot an important item? We’ve all been there. While you were rushing to pack for your long-awaited vacation, you didn’t realize that you had forgotten an item; now you need to rush out to the store. Fortunately, in today’s competitive retail market, customers have many options for quickly purchasing what they need in a bind.

1. Don’t Panic: Sometimes being out of town without certain items we need can be a trigger for anxiety, especially if the item is a necessity. Try to breathe deeply and remain calm.

2. Determine What You Need: What item is missing? Take note of exactly what you need to buy and where you would like to make your purchase. Is it an electronic device, personal hygiene items, or an article of clothing?. Determine whether or not it can be purchased from a big box store or a specialty retailer.

3. Select A Retailer That Offers In-Store Pickup: BOPIS (Buy Online Pick Up In Store) is increasingly becoming a focus strategy for retailers. Also known as click to collect, it has grown globally as a convenient way to shop for consumers. With BOPIS retail solutions, you have the ability to shop from anywhere- as long as you have internet access. In most cases, the store will even have an exclusive parking spot directly in front of the store. This option will help you save time and energy while vacationing. Many stores have quickly joined the BOPIS trend, from smaller retailers like Petco to big-box stores like Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Both are experimenting with new ways to bring convenience to the BOPIS process for shoppers.

4. Find your Product in Store’s Inventory: Once you choose your retailer, visit their website or download their app. You will then have the flexibility to view the store’s inventory to determine what they have available. In many cases, retailers will also show inventory for other stores in your local area. This should come in handy while you’re on vacation, as you may not be too familiar with the area and need to access your products as quickly as possible. If your item is not in stock, you can request to be notified when it becomes available. The overall goal of retailers is to ensure that they create a seamless shopping experience for you, the customer.

5. Need Medications? Out of town without a prescription or over the counter medication? Many pharmacies now offer curbside store pickup services at many locations. This enables consumers to place an online order via their website or app. You will even receive a notification when your order is ready for pickup.

6. Order and Pick Up in a Locker: Many retailers have automated storage lockers for customers to pick up orders. Place your order online and arrive to pick up your items. You will collect your product from the assigned locker and can leave the store without needing assistance.

Try these tips while on vacation, for a simple and pleasant way to pick up important items you forgot for your trip. This way you can return to what’s important–enjoying your vacation.

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