What will be the Most in-Demand Tech Careers in 2022?


If there’s one thing that was not squashed by the COVID pandemic in 2021, it was digital transformation. From cloud adoption to automation in businesses, we’ve seen a massive change in the digital world in 2021.

Hundreds of thousands of students completed their graduation last year and are now looking for a suitable career path. Before they enrol in university, they want to be certain that their degree will put them on a successful and in-demand career path. Thanks to digitization and the growing demand for technical experts, some of the best career opportunities are in the IT field.

There are countless options when it comes to tech careers. In this post, we’ll walk you through the most in-demand tech careers in 2022 so you can start planning!

Software Developers

With a projected growth of 26% by 2026, software developers are in high demand at the moment. These professionals are the creative minds behind intuitive software  that streamline our day-to-day jobs. A software developer builds mobile apps and software systems for personal and professional use. They work with programmers, UI/UX designers, and software testers to build robust software.

You need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, mathematics, and other computer-related fields for a career in the software development industry, though a traditional degree is not necessary in today’s online learning environment. The average salary of a software developer in America was $110,140 in 2020, though this can vary depending on your experience, qualifications, and complexity of the software app.

Database Administrators

The role of a database administrator (DBA) involves developing plans to protect data from unauthorized access. They manage a large volume of databases efficiently, organize the company’s data, and store it safely. Like a software developer, a database administrator needs a bachelor’s degree in any computer field, advanced knowledge and training in SQL, and often a master’s degree in information technology or computer science.

The DBA has to be familiar with the languages their employers prefer (if they intend to get a job at a specific organization). On average, a database administrator makes $86,616 annually in America, according to Indeed.

Cybersecurity Analyst

The growing demand for online and digital services has also increased the number of cybercrime cases reported worldwide. According to a report by Cybersecurity Ventures, cybercrimes will cost the world $10.5 trillion every year over the next 3 years. As a result, the need for cybersecurity specialists will grow exponentially.

A cybersecurity specialist is responsible for planning and deploying security protocols that protect a company’s software, computers, and data from unauthorized users. They monitor network securities and run internal and external audits to ensure all operations are conducted on a safe network. With an average salary of $76,963, cybersecurity offers the one of the most promising career options in the IT field.

Market Research Analyst

Starting a company without market research is pointless. Thorough market research is a key element in any company’s growth in today’s competitive business environment. Any business—whether a small firm or a large corporation—needs market research analysts to understand its target market, competitors, current market trends, and audience.

The job of a market research analyst is to research the business’ target audiences’ buying patterns, their pain points, brands they prefer, and budget. Based on the findings, they prepare a comprehensive report that suggests effective ways to attract the audiences’ attention and grow the customer base. People from different academic backgrounds (maths, statistics, computer science, business administration, social sciences, and economics) are eligible for a role as a market research analyst. The average salary of a market research analyst in the US was $65,810 in 2020.

Data Scientist / Analyst

Data scientists are IT professionals that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to predict future trends. They collect and explore data to help companies make informed decisions. A data scientist needs to have a solid background in finance, IT, and business.

Most companies prefer a data expert specializing in cloud-computing systems and those with advanced programming skills. The requirements may vary. A data scientist makes up to $74,488 annually in the US, though it can vary depending on whether you are an entry-level employee or a professional data analyst.

UX Designers

Businesses are now more focused on serving customers and creating a seamless shopping experience for their audience. That’s what UX designers help companies achieve. They work closely with the UI developers and the app development team to ensure that the product looks user-friendly. From how a website loads to how easy it is to navigate, every aspect of web designing plays a pivotal role in creating a positive customer experience. The average salary of a UX designer in the US is $75,320. If you have a combination of skills in UX, UI, and design systems, you can also work as a product designer. The average product designer salary is $87,264, which is higher than that of a UX designer.

Training and certifications are important whether you are pursuing your career in the IT industry or any other sector. Research the best online certifications and apply today!


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