What’s the Average Cost of Solar Panel Installation? A 2021 Guide


People are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest technology to add to their homes. From air conditioning and doorbells that you can control from your phone to wifi-enabled refrigerators, there are a ton of ways to upgrade your home. One awesome way you can modernize your home is with solar panels.

Solar panel installation helps you control the source of energy that powers your home, and it makes you more self-reliant. The only thing left to do is get the panels installed. What’s the average cost to install panels? Read on to find out!

Size Matters

The first factor that goes into the solar panel installation cost is how big of a system you’ll need for your home. The bigger your home and energy usage, the more panels you’ll need to power your home.

The average home needs enough solar panels to generate about 905 kWh per month. To make this happen, you’ll need a 5 or 6 kW system if you live in an area that gets regular sunshine throughout the year. Depending on the size of your home, the average cost to install solar panels is between $15k and $25k.

In order to get a truly accurate idea of how much you’ll pay, contact a local installer for a solar quote.

Installation Considerations

The costs that you’ll pay for your solar panels might be more than the average amount for a variety of reasons. Your installation may require solar mounts, which are the racks that support your solar panels.

You might also need to install a solar inverter if your home doesn’t already have one. Solar inverters convert the power created by your panels (DC) to power that your home can use (AC). In addition, you’ll need to cover the costs of things like permit fees, taxes, and applicable inspection fees.

Solar Panel Installation ROI

Installing solar panels on your home’s roof or in the yard is not an inexpensive venture. If the potential cost of solar panel installation makes you panic, then you also need to consider what your return on investment is.

The first thing you should check out is whether your state or local government is offering tax advantages for people who install solar panels. In addition, you’ll see a reduction in your electric bill due to a reduced reliance on standard electricity. If you generate enough electricity, you might even be able to sell it back to your electric company.

Are Solar Panels in Your Future?

Many people find themselves on the fence when they’re considering adding solar panels to their homes for a variety of different reasons. Solar panels do far more than make your home look super modern. They also reduce your carbon footprint and save the day when your home loses power, making them a fantastic investment for pretty much every homeowner!

Home improvement is no small task. In fact, it can be super overwhelming at times. If you need an awesome source that’ll help keep you inspired, spend some time going through our blog!

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