Which Professionals Should You Hire When Your Business Is Growing?


Every business goes through several stages of development and at each stage, different kinds of employees are more vital than others. But in the fledgling stages, where everything is ramping up and you’re putting the first pieces of the puzzle together, what departments, specialists and right-hand men and women is it most important to have in your corner? We’re not talking about the grunt workers here either. We’re talking about the business professionals!

Payroll professional

As you have more employees, you will undoubtedly have more tasks that need completing. One of the tasks that very few of us consider when we first start our business is taking care of staff wages and generally keeping an eye on the money going in and out of the company. Having at least one payroll professional on staff will keep you from getting into a bind regarding your finances and will ensure everyone is being paid fairly and on time.

Transformation professional

One of the more ‘outside the box’ ideas is to bring in an interim transformation director to shepherd the company through this time of great growth and change. These are professionals with tried and true experience in guiding companies through times of growth and can be brought in for a short time to make sure everything is in place and working well before moving on to the next adventure.

PR/Marketing professional

In a world where a social media following can make or break a company, marketing and PR have never been more important. A professional with experience in this field will know exactly what buttons to push and where to push them as far as the exterior growth of your firm is concerned. This is the public perception of the brand and the ideals and culture that it puts out into the world. Wouldn’t you rather have someone who knows what they’re doing in charge of such an important task?

IT Professional

With so many workers now expecting to be able to work from home, having a decent IT staff at hand to help setup remote working stations and keep track of the various threads of work and CMS platforms is vital. Businesses today rely on IT (particularly on the internet and cloud computing) as a fundamental part of everything they do. So whether or not you have somewhere there to keep those foundations solid shouldn’t be open to debate.

HR professional

Finally, with mental illness at work a hot topic right now and people expecting more from their employers than they did years ago, human resources have seen a renewed burst in relevance. HR professionals are the types of people in your business that keep everyone on side and on the same page. They are the safety net for your workers and we’ve quite frankly never needed that safety net more.


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