Whip Your Desserts (And Other Dishes) Into Shape with Whipped Cream Chargers


Did you forget that you promised two dozen cupcakes for the bake sale? Or has your bakery suddenly brought in more customer orders than you were prepared for? Are you wondering how you’re going to find the time to put together a large order with only one mixer and a need for lots of whipped cream?

First, take a deep breath. Then, make sure none of these scenarios come true! Whether you’re a home-based baker who just loves to spread a little sweetness through your creations or a business mogul in charge of a restaurant empire, your kitchen can benefit from one game-changing tool: whipped cream chargers. Ready? Keep reading to learn more!

What is a Whipped Cream Charger?

By itself, not much— just a small canister full of compressed nitrous oxide. But when you combine it with a whipped cream dispenser and a pressure regulator, you unlock a world of change in your kitchen game!

First, the namesake use: whipped cream! If you have any experience in baking, then you know how long it can take to whip cream by hand. And you need your mixer free for other ingredients. That’s where whipped cream chargers come in. Simply add your ingredients to the dispenser, seal, insert the charger, and shake for a solid thirty seconds. Voila! Perfectly textured whipped cream! And you heard that right: thirty seconds. Imagine what you can do with all that extra time you’ve saved!

Additional Uses for Your Chargers

Whipped cream chargers can make more than just immaculate whipped cream. They can be used for all manner of dishes and drinks! Perhaps you want to have your friends over for a cocktail hour— why not impress them with frothed cocktails or carbonated fruit for garnish? Are you a small business in a big city? Draw in more customers with popular items like nitro coffee or dairy-free mousse! You can even use the cream charger for dairy-free whipped cream, though you’ll have to adjust the nitrous pressure. For meals and appetizers, you can make edible foams and espumas.

Once you have the hang of using your whipped cream chargers, you can start working on a signature dish, drink, or dessert to stand out.

Whipped Cream Chargers Are For Everyone

Cream chargers come in a variety of sizes, so you can get the right amount for what your home or business needs. They are easy to use and safe so long as you follow the manufacturer’s instructions!

Hang on, I know what you’re thinking: special instructions? Is that really safe? Whipped cream chargers contain compressed gas, so they have to be stored properly and kept out of reach of kids and pets. That gas is nitrous oxide— you may know it as “laughing gas!” While harmless to eat and subtly sweet, some events have started encouraging inhaling nitrous oxide from small whippets, and that’s when it gets dangerous. Outside of a controlled environment like a dentist’s office, inhaled nitrous oxide can have harmful effects on your body. That’s why whipped cream chargers can only be purchased by legal adults.

You want to make sure your charger is inserted properly into the dispenser to avoid inhaling the compressed N2O, THe manufacturer’s guidelines will also tell you how to dispose of used chargers.

Say Cheese Foam

An added benefit of whipped cream chargers is picture-perfect whipped cream that holds its shape. This is great for marketing, especially if you’re a small business relying on your social media presence. Not only will your desserts look great on camera, but they’ll also look great in person! Who doesn’t love a cupcake that looks like it was lifted from a magazine page? For a little added fun, consider showing how the whipped cream charger works over TikTok— or you can edit that part out if you want it to be your little secret.

If you use your whipped cream chargers for business purposes, don’t forget to expense them on your taxes.

What Are You Waiting For?

Why not see for yourself what all the fuss is about? Whipped cream chargers are available online and in kitchen supply stores. Once you’ve experienced the luxuriousness of charged whipped cream, you won’t ever want to whip by hand or mixer again.


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