What we know about a White Noise Machine for Office Privacy


Having these color noise frequencies around us in the workplace or in the home and even in children’s rooms to help them drift off to sleep has become a popular trend to be on board with. Some tut at these modern technologies but have probably heard white noise without even realizing it.

It may seem tricky to understand and come to terms with, but watch this quick video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EY5OQ2iVA50 for a simple explanation that is easy to comprehend. Essentially it is a constant wavelength of sound that drowns out the surrounding noises that would usually peak at your hearing. So you end up not noticing them.

A good example which you might have around the house already is a humidifier or fan, or perhaps an AC that gives off a steady humming and blocks all other noise as your ears tune in to that pitch.

Why is a white noise machine important?

If you’re a light sleeper like me then you’ll know all about how important it is to get into a deep sleep before anything has the chance to wake you for the 100th time. Using white noise can be added into your nighttime routine, making it a habit to use and get your brain into the routine of falling asleep with it, and it keeps the room quiet.

By blocking out those annoying late-night dog barks and cat brawls, or the neighbors’ teenager coming in just as the sun is about to rise, you can stay asleep for longer with more quality rest.

Switching the machine on allows your brain to switch off, take a break from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives and unwind. Especially important if you travel for work, a compact white noise machine can be taken anywhere, and you won’t need to worry about those early morning hotel doors slamming or cars hooting outside.

Work and white noise.

When you’re just not in the mood for messing around and having a few jokes whether it be personal reasons, a headache or just not up for it, you try to bury your head in paperwork at your desk and hope no-one notices you.

But drowning out their laughter and annoying banter is much harder than you expected, and you end up doing as little work as if you had not begun at all.

This is where a white noise machine comes in handy, it not only drowns the frequencies you’re accustomed to out but you ear tunes in to the machine sound and before you know it it’s home time and you’re stamping the last letterhead.

Not sure on sizing, sounds or models, then visit this website for a heads up on what’s in stores at the moment and which have been receiving rave reviews. They’ll give you the breakdown of each type including the good the bad and the ugly of the lot.

5 Benefits to White noise in the office.

  • Fewer mistakes. Being able to focus better and not so easily and constantly distracted will help reduce and prevent mistakes by employees.
  • You don’t have to worry about staff listening in on every conversation, the noise can help mask speaking tones and frequencies and keep your private conversations under wraps.
  • Reduced stress. With less mistakes and thus fewer unhappy clients, stress levels are significantly reduced. You can get on with the work you know how to do without having to worry about conversations being spoken at top volume right in front of your desk.
  • Increased performance. Working hand in hand with stress levels the productivity rate can increase, with sounds like ticking clocks or typing on keyboards being drowned out, work can be done efficiently and swiftly. No ore late nights at the office just to finish the work you couldn’t complete during the day of over-heard conversations.
  • Health and well-being. Less anxiety by trying to meet deadlines and getting payrolls done on time if we keep calm and level headed, white noise can drown out the distractions and you can get the job done.

What to look for in a white noise machine.

Because our sleep is of vital importance, it must be done well, and this means that if you are going to invest in a noise machine at least opt for quality, or the best that you can afford.

Newer models now come with pre-programmed sounds with added features that allow you to add more if you need it.

You should also test and hear the quality of the sound, that it’s crisp and clear and coming through at an audible pitch. Grab a cup of hot tea and read this article on white noise and how others found it most beneficial, you are not alone in your insomnia.

For me, any piece of equipment with more than 3 buttons is already too complicated. I look for something easy to use and navigate, and even more so that it’s compact. I need to be able to unplug and go at the drop of hat, so size plays a big role.

With all the traveling, make sure you have plugs for multiple outlets and power sources, and again choose a portable size. A small feature that’s often overlooked till it’s too late is having an alarm, the noise can put you out like a light but you still need to wake up in the morning. Add this element to the list when shopping.

Lastly but not least important, the intended use will also determine the features you’ll need. If it’s for sleeping look for a machine that offers more natural sound loops if it’s for say meditating, a serene and tranquil version would work well. If it’s for the office, try the humming of fans or an AC vent, something to help drown out Paul from accounting down the hall.

Whatever you decide, to stop your insanity creeping in, invest in a noise machine today. And breathe.


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