Why Buy Real Estate in King County


King County is among the United States’ most fantastic areas to live and find work in as a resident of Washington State.

Originally named after William Rufus de Vane King who won an election as Vice President on the Democratic ticket in 1852, the county was renamed after Freedom Rights Activist Martin Luther King Jr. in 1986 following the passing of a motion by the King County Council.

King County has a population of over 2 million residents, with more than 87% being citizens. It is one of the more densely populated areas in Washington. As such, owning property in this area is one of the best investments you can make.

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Lake Sammamish Neighborhood

This region got its name from its close proximity to Lake Sammamish. It has rural roots that make it the perfect place for those who love outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, boating, fishing, and hiking. For these reasons, the neighborhood is considered one of the best places in Washington State to raise a family.

Redmond City Neighborhood

Best known for being the home of the tech giant Microsoft, Redmond is also where the most popular park in King County is found. The Marymoor Park is frequented by residents and tourists alike who come for art festivals, music concerts, biking trails, picnics, and so much more.

Redmond is located just 16 miles away from Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington.

Richland City Washington

Despite its name, Richland is among the more affordable neighborhoods in Washington. With several parks in the city, it also provides many outdoor activities similar to Redmond and Sammamish. Golf is an especially beloved pastime in Richland.

Pullman “Palouse” City

Most of the residents in Pullman happen to be college students from Washington State University and the University of Idaho, located just a few miles across the border with Idaho.

You can expect affordable housing, plenty of restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and other entertainment spots. The youthful college demographic makes for a vibrant, energetic neighborhood.

Kirkland City Suburbs

This area is known for its beaches, entertainment spots, and Lake Washington, a famous destination for tourists from America and overseas. Cyclists will love this neighborhood as it was among the first cities in Washington to enforce alternative transport methods in its planning and ordinances.

Little League Baseball is Kirkland’s favorite sport by far as it has been the home of the junior league softball series for nearly 20 years.

Bellevue City Neighborhood

In French, “Bellevue” means beautiful view. This city is right between Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish, connected by a trail that allows visitors and residents to explore both of these locations. Hiking is the most popular activity in Bellevue, with climbers choosing between the Cascade and Olympic mountain’s scenic trails.

Invest in King County Real Estate

King County’s beautiful environment, thriving arts and entertainment culture, numerous tourist attractions, and variety of living spaces make it an ideal location to buy real estate in Washington.

King County has the highest population of all counties in Washington. As such, it has one of the most diverse, cosmopolitan residents in the state outside of the capital Seattle. It is a great place for you to make a home either on your own or with your family.

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