Why Consider Teaching In North Carolina


Teaching is one of the most celebrated careers, primarily because it determines the growth of any US state. In America, the federal and state governments work together to ensure that their educators access the best benefits once they start working.

One of the states at the forefront of education is North Carolina. Aside from providing lucrative cheques, the state offers law amendments to ascertain the most benefits for a teacher. So, here’s why you should consider being a teacher in North Carolina.

Multiple Holidays

North Carolina teachers of tomorrow are exempted from working all year round without mandatory breaks. So, if you move to work as a teacher in NC, you can enjoy spring, summer, and national holidays.

Aside from these, you can take sick days when you’re unwell and an emergency off day for moments when you have family emergencies that require immediate attention. To top this up, you have the December break right before Christmas, that’s mandatory for educators and learners across the continent.

Comprehensive Healthcare Plan

Healthcare is quite expensive in the US, especially when you pay out of pocket. Working with private insurance companies can be a headache since they require members to pay a hefty amount to secure a decent premium.

Teaching in North Carolina allows you to enjoy government-funded health services, mainly if a public school employs you. You can pick one out of the three primary deductible plans. And you also access a wellness program for preventive measures and treatment of long terms illnesses at an affordable cost.

State Employee Retirement

Once you’re too old to keep working, you need a source of income to sustain you. The state retirement plan is provided to North Carolina’s teachers to help them map their future. And with the help of the ORBIT portal, public service employees can upload vital information required to set up a plan for their future.

You get specialized resources that allow you to make decisions based on your salary and occupation when you move to work in this state.

Stable Payment and Salary Increment

Staying in the same salary grade each year is one of the reasons that teachers avoid particular schools. You do not have to worry about salary stagnation if you work as a teacher in NC. Lawfully, employers must increase their employees’ salary by $1000 every year they are part of the school’s staff.

Most importantly, the least you can get paid as a bachelor of education holder is $35,000 per year, which is a worthy offer and a decent start.

Teacher Organizations

Teachers are always afraid of working in a state that doesn’t have teacher organizations. Primarily, this is because educators can risk being underpaid and oppressed when there’s no one watching out for them.

North Carolina teachers, however, have access to many unions and teacher’s organizations to rally support for educators and fight for their rights. You only have to join one that resonates with your values, and you’re good to go.

Education Opportunities

If you want to further your studies, North Carolina is home to some of the most prestigious higher education institutions. A Master’s or Ph.D. in your back pocket can significantly increase your salary and provide better teaching opportunities in and out of the state.

Final Word

If you’re looking to start your career as a teacher, North Carolina should be a go-to option, thanks to the multiple benefits you receive. Additionally, the state government is working on law amendments that will see a reduction of students in a class, allowing you to work with few learners, thereby increasing your productivity.


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