Why Digital Door Lock in Singapore Are Best For Your Business


Digital door locks in Singapore are becoming more and more popular among commercial buildings, especially for office buildings. If you run a business then you must keep your business premises safe from any kind of unwanted interference. In Singapore, commercial buildings are more vulnerable to thefts and burglaries.

To avoid such unwanted incidents, the businesses owners need to take some effective steps and one of them is installing digital door locks in their business premises. But this is not the only reason behind the popularity of digital door lock in Singapore. There are various other reasons as well why they are becoming so famous among the business owners. Below are some of those reasons:

Easy to operate

There are many different digital door lock models available in the market and they are designed such that, even an uneducated person can operate them easily. So you don’t have to worry about losing valuable time of your employees on training them how to use this lock, you can simply tell them and all your employees will be able to operate it within minutes.

Can be accessed through remote

With the help of the latest technologies, there are some advanced digital door locks available which can be opened by using a remote control device from a distance of up to 30 meters. This means only one thing if someone is locked inside the restrooms or in any other rooms, he/she will be able to open the doors without letting anyone know. But there’s no need to worry about this issue too as you can simply unlock it from your computer or mobile device if you forget the passcode.

Customizable settings

Not all but most of the modern digital door locks come with customizable settings which means that you can change the locking system according to your preference and comfort. For example, some advanced models allow users to set a different passcode for opening and closing purposes. This means two different people will have two different codes; one for opening and another one for locking purposes.

More secure

Unlike traditional keys and lock systems, digital door locks are more secure as they require only keycodes rather than actual keys to open them. So there is zero chance of losing your valuable keys or forgetting them at any place other than home.

Easy integration

Digital door locks are very easy to integrate. This means that if someone wants to change the lock of his/her commercial property, it can be done without any hassle as these door locks can support almost all kinds of electronic locking mechanisms.

No keys required

One of the most amazing features of a digital door lock in Singapore is that you don’t need to carry your keys with you every time. All you have to do is remember the passcode or keycode which you likely set it up by yourself, and this is enough to unlock the doors without any issues even when you are in a hurry.


So if you are also looking for some reliable and convenient door locking solutions, then you should start using digital door locks in your commercial premises.


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