Why Does Our Business Need a Virtual Phone Number?


A virtual phone number can provide an additional layer of anonymity and privacy for customers. By providing a dedicated line for customers to call that is separate from the main lines used by the business, customers can be assured of greater privacy when contacting the company.

This can be especially important in cases where sensitive customer information needs to be communicated. Virtual phone numbers also help protect against spam calls and telemarketing scams, as caller ID will display either the number of the virtual phone service provider or (more likely) a randomly generated number instead of your actual contact information.

Establishing a Local Presence

Establishing a local presence in other cities or countries used to require setting up an office in each of those locations. With a virtual phone number service, you can have a local telephone number in any area code you choose regardless of where your business is actually located.

This can be helpful for businesses seeking to expand into new markets but who don’t want or cannot afford the expense of establishing physical office space in those areas. It also allows potential customers in those new markets easier access to contact information for your company.

For remote workers or employees who travel frequently.

By forwarding all calls made to their virtual phone number to their personal cell phones or home phones, traveling employees can remain readily accessible even when they’re out of town.

Similarly, remote workers can easily take work calls on the go without having to needlessly incur long-distance charges on their personal mobile devices.

For Developing a Work/Life Balance

When you have just one number for both work and personal use, you end up answering calls at all times of day and night and when on days off or vacation. Having a separate number means that you immediately know if the call is work-related or not and if it’s appropriate to answer it at that particular moment in time.

The other advantage to the virtual number here is that you still only need one mobile phone. This is because the virtual number runs via an app rather than needing a separate handset. As a result, costs are kept lower and there’s no risk of forgetting the second phone or it running out of charge!

A Daytime Phone Number

If you work out of your home office, using a virtual number can give potential customers the perception that your business is bigger than it actually is. This is because many people only check business hours when considering whether to call someone.

The virtual number might be allocated to out-of-hours/emergency calls only, meaning that customers know which number to call when they need to get in touch with your urgently, or when it can wait until normal working hours.

No Physical Telephone Lines Needed

Unlike traditional landlines, virtual numbers do not require any physical telephone lines to be installed at your place of business (or at any other location for that matter). All calls made to and from your assigned virtual number will automatically forward to whatever existing telephone line you have connected to VoIPVoice’s service.

You can also choose how long each forwarded call rings before going unanswered (if forwarding ever fails for some reason). Additionally, if no one picks up after however many rings you specify or after 30 seconds have passed, then the caller will hear either VoIPVoice’s automated attendant greeting or a pre-recorded message.

No Additional Handset Needed

You would normally assume that having another number would mean an additional handset is needed. With that comes extra cost and the general hassle of having to carry two units around with you. With a virtual number, it runs off an app from your existing phone, so that stwo phone numbers based off of one phone.Of all the things that you need for your business to run effectively, you may not have considered the benefit of a virtual phone number. In fact, you may not even be aware of what they are nor of the benefits they offer.

A virtual phone number is a telephone number that is assigned to your business and can route calls made to that number to another landline or cell phone. There is a whole range of reasons why businesses might choose to use a virtual phone number for their operations.


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