Why is it Vital to Run Quick Individual Verifications?


Rapid hiring is essential when searching for candidates to fill open positions.

Since they are in high demand, candidates with the right experience and background tend to move quickly. They rarely stay out of work for long.

You run the risk of losing out on the best candidates and may have difficulty filling open positions if your background check procedure is time-consuming and complicated.

Your business will also suffer from a slow and complicated background check and onboarding process.

The main advantages of expediting your background check are as follows:

  • Simplify the onboarding process by reducing the amount of follow-up work required
  • Hire top-quality candidates before they are snatched up by competitors
  • Reduce the number of applicants who leave due to lengthy hiring processes. Keep a Reliable Background Check Service like Seamless Search

In order to speed up the background check process, retain the right screening service.

11 Helpful Tips for Speeding Up Your Background Check Process .

1) Retain the Right Screening Provider

You should focus on your provider’s overall value proposition, which includes favorable turnaround times, excellent client support, and high-quality reports, rather than focusing on the cost.

Focusing solely on cost can result in increased costs over time due to lost productivity and the possibility of liability brought on by inaccurate information.

You ought to pick a supplier that has broad assets and that generally consents to the commands of the Fair Credit Detailing Act (FCRA) and significant state and nearby regulations.

Critically, pick a supplier that offers a quick completion time.

We at Seamless Search are able to return employment background checks that comply with the FCRA in as little as a few hours thanks to our advanced research methods and technology.

2) Integrate Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Your HR professionals can use your company’s applicant tracking system (ATS) to track candidates and their current position in the hiring process.

CareerArc reports that practically 40% of bosses utilize an ATS to follow and pre-screen candidates.

You can avoid issues like entering the same information into multiple systems or letting candidates who require background checks slip through the cracks by working with a background check provider that offers ATS integrations.

Data can be transferred directly from your ATS to your background check provider without having to be manually entered or transferred using integration. You can save time and money by doing this.

3) Mechanize Significant Cycles

Limiting or keeping away from manual information section can assist with forestalling information passage blunders while additionally accelerating your experience screening process.

An automated system for electronic authorizations and results delivery ought to be in place.

Seamless Search additionally assists with killing paper expenses and waste while giving advanced timestamps of each and every move you initiate with every competitor.

It additionally assists with guaranteeing that your competitors’ information is appropriately documented and put away so it can undoubtedly be recovered some other time when required.

4) Benefit From Online Information Assortment

At the point when you work with a supplier that assembles information about your up-and-comers on the web, you can profit from more noteworthy productivity in recruiting.

ATS coordination and online advancement following can assist with lessening information passage blunders and speed up social event your applicants’ approval for record verifications.

A smoothed out internet based cycle can likewise assist with working on your up-and-comers’ involvement in your historical verification and recruiting process.

5) Give Applicant Agreeable Arrangements

A paperless individual verification process builds the effectiveness of the recruiting system for up-and-comers and HR staff.

Your applicants will appreciate a straightforward background check procedure that covers everything from authorization to results delivery.

Furnishing your competitors with the capacity to enter their data straightforwardly by means of a versatile application is especially useful.

Your candidates can schedule pre-employment drug screenings and other clinical services using from Seamless Search. They can also get a copy of their completed report in their very own secure SwiftHire Portal.

Throughout the entire background check process, candidates are kept engaged by the SwiftHire Mobile app.

From their smartphones, they can use it to perform the following functions:

  • Receive and examine disclosures;
  • E-sign authorizations;
  • Enter background information;
  • Monitor their progress;

6) Utilize a Digital Disclosure and Authorization Process

In accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you are required to give your applicants advance notice of your intention to conduct background checks and obtain their written authorization before you can proceed.

You can send your required disclosure electronically to your candidates for review if you use a digital disclosure and authorization process. After that, they can electronically review, sign, and return the authorization documents to you.

A computerized cycle can guarantee that your organization has a period stepped record of when you made your divulgence, and you will likewise have a protected method for putting away your up-and-comers’ marked approvals.

This assists you with conforming to your commitments under the FCRA and stay away from likely legitimate activity.

7) Provide All Required Documentation

In order to comply with the law and have sufficient information to conduct a search, your background check provider must have all required documentation before it can conduct a background check.

Be sure to provide your background check provider with the following types of data:

  • Up-and-comer’s complete name
  • Up-and-comer’s Federal retirement aide number
  • Up-and-comer’s Date of Birth
  • Marked approval structures

Neglecting to give the essential data can bring about delays.

8) Use Checklists

Before placing an order, you should use a checklist if you send your background check requests directly to your background screening provider.

Before submitting your request, ensure that your staff reviews the checklist to ensure that your candidate has provided all required information and that you have a signed authorization.

9) Make Use of a Paperless Drug Screening Method

If you want to condition job offers on passing drug tests before you start work, you can include your screens in your background check process.

A paperless medication testing stage can assist with perceiving which competitors should finish drug testing and give them directions for planning their tests electronically.

Without having to enter the information separately, you can select the positions that require drug testing and ensure that the appropriate tests will be carried out.

A paperless framework can likewise tell you when your competitors have marked their approvals for testing so you will not lose time between accepting their outcomes and pushing ahead with the recruiting system.

10) Send Your Solicitations Prior in the Day

Presenting your solicitations prior in the day could assist you with accepting your reports quicker.

Each day, clinics and courts typically close at 5 p.m. By putting in your requests in the first part of the day, we have the entire day to get the request handled.

11) Automate the Adverse Action Process

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, if you decide not to hire a candidate based on information in a background check report, you are required to go through an adverse action process.

Begin by sending a pre-unfavorable activity notice in which you distinguish the dangerous data and give the up-and-comer time to address it or submit moderating proof.

If you actually don’t have any desire to recruit the competitor, send a last unfriendly activity notice that incorporates a duplicate of the up-and-comer’s privileges under the FCRA.

You can track activity, create pre-adverse action and final adverse action notices, and provide customized notifications with an automated adverse action process.


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