Why Videos Are The Perfect Solution To Your Social Media Marketing Strategy 


In recent years, we have observed that social media is more than a medium of entertainment. It’s a medium to spread the word, and a medium to help your business expand. In other words, it won’t be wrong to call social media the hotshot virtual billboards that get the attention of the crowd.

Videos now form an essential part of social media. It started with text posts, then it went to picture posts, and now videos have the upper hand. So, what changed so much in recent years? Why videos are a go-to tool that you must include in your social media marketing strategy?

We’ll be telling you just that.

1) Videos are Processed Faster than Text Posts

Observe your social media pattern or the pattern of those around you. Which type of posts do you find yourself watching all the time? Which platform do you head to if you are looking to pass your leisure time? We are pretty sure the answer would be either Instagram reels or YouTube.

But you are not alone. In fact, that’s the thing about videos. They are processed faster than text posts. All because your viewer doesn’t need to do the hard work of processing the videos. It’s just watching and sinking in what they see.

In addition to this, videos are time-saving. As a brand, you can communicate a lot in a matter of time through videos. And if we are to believe the stats, videos can be processed 1000 times faster than text posts.

So, we don’t need to say it out, who is the winner here? The answer is pretty clear.

2) We Live in a Video-Friendly Culture:

Videos are not a new concept. They have been here for ages – be it in form of TV commercials, or in form of movies, or TV episodes. However, what has changed over the years is their access. Videos have become more accessible over the years and we have social media to thank for it. Now television is not the only place where you can watch videos. Interestingly, now you can watch videos anytime and anywhere – all thanks to social media. One of the reasons you have to consider videos as your go-to solution to your brand’s social media marketing strategy.

3) Video Creation is Friendly on the Pocket:

Video creation is not like creating a TV commercial or short film that you have to spend all your fortune on. Much to the relief of many influencers, start-ups, and content creators, video creation can be highly budget-friendly.

Animation for instance is highly economical. You just need the right tools and you are sorted for life (But hey, don’t forget a captivating video concept). Therefore, it’s a sagacious choice to spend some time doing your research to find the best online video editor and create content without burning your pockets.

Even though some of the best tools are chargeable, many can be accessed free of cost.

4) The Algorithm Supports Videos:

There is little known about the working of the Instagram algorithm, however, there is one thing for sure – Instagram favors reels more than any kind of posts. It’s very likely that Instagram would take a reel post to the explore section for a reason. For starters, Instagram reels experience the highest level of engagement given the fact that people watch them more and for longer.

Therefore, as a brand or influencer, your goal should be to make your viewers stay longer on your posts. The longer they say, the more credible the content would be for Instagram. Therefore, focus on making the videos engaging enough to fetch your viewer’s attention for a longer period of time.

5) Call to Action Incorporation:

It’s a given that, as a business, your goal would be to generate leads through social media. Your objective would be to attract viewers to your website to convert sales. This is where CTA buttons come as a knight in shining armor. Video content on social media can feature CTA buttons to drive viewers to your website.

Even adding a little something as “Click to Shop”, can attract traffic to your website.

6) Social Media is Tailored to the Viewers

Here’s the thing about leading social media platforms such as Instagram or Pinterest – these social media platforms don’t show you the content you won’t be interested in. The Instagram algorithm is a pro at figuring out your interest and shows you content accordingly. This is determined by the kind of content you search for and the kind of content you like.

It’s not only beneficial for your viewers but your business as well. This is because social media would only bring viewers who would be interested in seeing your content or buying your goods and services.

For instance, if you are a footwear brand on Instagram, Instagram would only lead those viewers who would be interested in buying footwear. A viewer who is keen on exploring footwear collections on Instagram or search engines would most likely stumble upon your brand in the research section.

Final Thoughts

If you have been a brand that has always been hesitant to add videos to your social media marketing strategy, we hope now you would rethink your decision. Even though videos demand effort and time, they are worth it when it comes to delivering the results you wish to see. So, what are you waiting for? Think of a concept and get a free online video editor to kickstart your social media marketing strategy.


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