Why you should Get the Cheapest Wildcard SSL


Have a primary domain and multiple subdomains that need securing? If so, we recommend not only using a Wildcard certificate and not only a cheap Wildcard, but the cheapest Wildcard SSL you can get.

Read on to find out why the cheapest Wildcard SSL is the best choice for your site.

Why a Wildcard?

First, let’s explore Wildcard SSLs and SSL certificates in general. A security must-have in today’s online world, SSL certificates ensure that the connection between your site and every visitor’s browser is encrypted. Encryption prevents nosy and malicious third parties from eavesdropping and potentially stealing sensitive information like credit card numbers or personal details. A Wildcard SSL specifically secures one subdomain and unlimited subdomains of one level connected to it.

The main benefits of a Wildcard SSL are convenience and cost. The more subdomains you have, the more a Wildcard makes sense. Instead of securing each subdomain with individual certificates, a Wildcard secures everything under a single certificate. What’s more, it will automatically protect any subdomains you create in the future, too. So you won’t need to reissue or reinstall anything if you decide to expand your website selection down the line. Securing everything with a single SSL can often be cheaper, and you only have to keep track of one expiration date instead of potentially hundreds.

Now that you’re sold on Wildcards in general, it’s time to convince you about the cheapest Wildcard SSL specifically.

Why the cheapest Wildcard SSL?

Because, well, why pay more when you don’t have to? While sometimes in life it makes sense to go for the more expensive option, with SSL certificates that’s not the case. All SSL certificates on the market come with the same level of encryption, so they all secure just the same. So when choosing an SSL it’s not the price you should be looking at, but what else you’re getting for your money, from refund policies to the amount of customer support an SSL store offers.

SSLs.com offers the cheapest Wildcard SSL certificates online and is a testament to how cheaper is often better for SSL certificates. Partnered with Sectigo, one of the leading and most trusted commercial CAs, SSLs.com has everything to make your SSL journey a pleasant one, from easy installation to customer service that’s there 24/7/365 to ensure you have all the help you need every step of the way.


For anyone with multiple subdomains in the market for an SSL certificate, the solution is basically a no-brainer — the cheapest Wildcard SSL is the way to go.

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