William Zabka Net worth in 2024 – Age, Career, Family and More


William Zabka is a writer, director, and American actor. He gained international fame when in the blockbuster of 1984 named “The Karate Kid”. From here his career started and he began to get more fame. I’m feeling curious regarding William Zabka Net Worth.

In this article, we will discuss William Zabka Net Worth in 2024 and his age, family life, career, and more.

The Early Life of William Zabka:

William Zabka Age

William Zabka was born on October 20, 1965. The place of his birth is New York, United States. He is currently 58 years old. He belongs to United States of America and carries an American citizenship.

William Zabka Height and Weight

William Zabka height is 5 feet and 8 inches or 1.72 m. While he carries a weight of 78 kg which is about 173 pounds. William Zabka eye color is blue and the color of hair is blonde.

William Zabka Parents

His parents were also involved in the film industry when he was born. His father was assistant director of “The tonight show with Johnny Carson”. His mother’s name is Nancy Zabka and his father is Stan Zabka.

Nancy Zabka was a business liaison, production assistant, and producer and Stan Zabka was a writer, director, and composer.

William Zabka Siblings

He has two siblings. A brother named Guy Zabka and a sister named Judy Zabka.

William Zabka Wife

William Zabka is now married to Stacie Zabka and they have 2 children.

He begins his career in his late teens. His official career started with the television series “The Greatest American Hero”. He also did “the Karate Kid part II” and the television series “Cobra Kai”. The movie Karate Kid went to earn a turnover of almost $100 million in the US alone. After this success, he continues to get filmed in different television shows and movies.

Personal History of William Zabka:

He is married to Stacie Zabka and they both have 2 children. They are a happy couple names of their children are still unavailable. There is also no detail available for the past relationships of William Zabka. He had always been reserved regarding his private life, unlike other celebrities. He never let media cross their limits and enter into his private space. He graduated from El Camino Real Charter High School in Los Angeles in 1983. He was a wrestler when he was first filmed in the movie “The Karate Kid” and had no experience of martial arts but after this film, he got inspired to learn martial arts and earned a second-degree black belt.

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In the 1990s and 2000s, William Zabka filmed independent films as he was practicing to be a filmmaker. He also wrote and produced a film named “Most” after finishing his studies of film making. In 2007, his work as a director has been seen in the music video of the band no more kings. The music video was known as Sweep the leg.

William Zabka Net Worth:

William Zabka Net Worth 2024:

William Zabka net worth in 2024 is about $3.8 million. His source of wealth is television. William Zabka was nominated for the young artist award in 1985 for the role in the film The Karate Kid. Again in 2004, he had a shared nomination for an Academy award with Воbbу Gаrаbеdіаn for thеіr рrоduсtіоn of the ѕhоrt film known as “Моѕt”. His role of Johnny Lawrence, the high school bully who threatens Ralph Macchio in “The Karate Kid “got his fame for the rest of his life.

William Zabka Net Worth 2023:

William Zabka net worth in 2023 was around $3.3 million.

William Zabka Net Worth 2022:

William Zabka net worth in 2022 was around $3 million.

William Zabka Net Worth 2021:

William Zabka net worth in 2021 was around $3 million.

William Zabka is the most sensational and is counted among the most successful celebrities in the Industry. He has also worked for different brands including Verizon and Little Tots.


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