Give Your Home Based Business a Professional Makeover


One of the main issues that home based businesses can face is their ability to look professional. And it’s so important to get right, a professional image is everything- especially when competition is fierce. Portraying yourself in the right way can be the difference between gaining customers and clients and them passing you by, which can in turn lead to the success or failure of your entire venture. Home based entrepreneurs, here are some of the ways you can present yourself in the most professional way.

Have your site redesigned

Your website is the first thing that most people will see of your business, and of course, first impressions matter. If it’s been very obviously designed by yourself, you make yourself look like an amateur. Just because your business is run from home doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be professional, and it needs to come across that way. Have a designer create you something custom and beautiful, it will cost upfront but you’ll gain this back in increased sales and interest to your business.

Pay for an app to be created

Lots of smaller and medium sized companies still aren’t utilising the benefits of what an app can do for them. An app makes you look more professional- and therefore more reliable and trustworthy which is essential for newer and smaller businesses. Again, it’s something that’s an investment up front but can repay you many times over when it comes to sales. More purchases are now made on phones and tablets than computers and laptops which is something you simply can’t afford to overlook as a business owner.

Obtain a physical address and business phone number

One of the struggles home business owners can have in regards to looking professional is their address and phone number. However, you don’t need to go through the hassle or expense of moving to commercial premises. A ‘physical address’ gives your business a professional front- on Google maps anyone searching will see a commercial office block. All of your mail will be sent here, and then the company would offer virtual services such as scanning and sending it over to you via email. Many will even offer a junk mail filter! A business phone number is easy to get, and is something that can give customers and clients peace of mind that you’re a professional company, rather than just a basic landline number.

Outsource some work

Just because you work from home as a sole trader doesn’t mean you have to tackle every job in your business yourself. Since hiring employees often isn’t practical when you’re running things from home, look into outsourcing instead. Here you can hire third party companies, contractors and freelancers to do the jobs you don’t have the skills for, or the time to do. It’s a way to grow your business and get more done while still keeping things home based. It can enable you to take on more clients and do the best job possible without stretching yourself too thin.


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