Top Digital Marketing Strategy Tips that let you Put your Feet Up over Christmas


While you may be eagerly awaiting the Christmas break, it’s no secret that the digital world never stops – even over the festive period. However, if you manage your digital marketing strategy just right, there’s no reason for you to have to miss out on any festivities. Follow our simple tips and tricks that will allow you to put your feet up over Christmas.

Plan ahead

You should never head into online marketing unprepared, and this rings even more true during this busy period. Sit down and highlight all of the main strategies you currently use before creating a calendar. Here, you should mark down (in detail) what you will do and when, before you clock off for Christmas. Store this calendar in a shared drive – this way all of the appropriate people have access.

Much like you, your team is sure to also want to unwind over Christmas. With this in mind then, assign each team member specific tasks and ensure they’re fully aware of what they need to do before school is out. Tools such as Hootsuite and Buffer are seriously handy when it comes to scheduling future social media posts.

Set deadlines

Admittedly, attaching a time limit to a task does add pressure, however, this will help to ensure you get everything done in good time. Allocating a set amount of time to a certain task could heighten productivity.

Procrastination is far too easy, especially at Christmastime. Consider Parkinson’s Law – “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”. Combat this rule by using a countdown timer to help you focus on completing the task at hand.

Assess previous data

Look at the data from last Christmas. How did you and your company perform? Take what you exceeded at and the areas where you performed poorly – and move forward accordingly. Using last year’s data and insights will help you to seriously improve this year’s efforts.

Website speed is paramount

The world seems to move a lot faster at Christmastime; no sooner are you finishing your Christmas dinner, then you sat amongst a pile of Easter eggs. You may be expecting a lot of traffic during the festive season and, if so, make sure that your website is fast. It’s imperative that your website and hosting are up to the job.

Festive branding prevails

Collaborate with your designer to take your online branding to new levels. This is the one time of year where it’s the perfect opportunity to hone your creative skills as well as your Digital Marketing Services – do you want all of your marketing materials to tie in with the seasonality? Use it as a chance to promote the products and services your customers want most. You should also give your social media profiles a makeover and leave them sparkling festively. That way you can switch off, knowing everything is perfectly in place.

If you’re stuck for ideas when it comes to online branding over Christmas, take inspiration from some of the world’s best-known brands. Coca Cola’s iconic red truck is one of the first signs that Santa is on his way. Pick something that will ensure you stand out from the crowd and make you instantly recognisable to customers.

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