Becoming a CISM: Nurturing Management Excellence in Security


Information technology and cybersecurity specialists are associated with a field that is constantly changing. It is important to earn the needed certifications and change as per the evolutions happening in the tech landscape.

CISM Certification helps you to gain information about incident management and IT security. You need to learn about the certification to know the best option. The article offers information regarding the CISM certification, benefits, and the steps to earn it.

Benefits of becoming a CISM

CISM certification is a global standard the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) sets. You can show the technical skills and knowledge in IT security. The certification allows you to acquire knowledge in program development, risk management, security governance, and incident management.

Steps to becoming a CISM

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to become a certified information security manager(CISM):

  • Registration
  • Appearing for the exam
  • Maintaining the certification.

You need to notice that the certification procedure commences with a multiple-choice exam. The exam is set as a 200–800 scoring method while the pass mark is 450. The exam needs you to concentrate on the main areas, which are mentioned below:

  • Information risk management
  • Information security program development and management
  • Information security governance
  • Information security incident management

Skills and knowledge gained through the CISM Certification

Here are some of the crucial factors associated with earning the CISM certification: 

Roles and responsibilities

The CISM-certified information security manager must know basic roles and responsibilities.

  • The security needs of the organization must be known.
  • Risks associated with safety breaches
  • Skills and experiences to perform the job of a security manager.

Security governance

You can know everything about the culture, regulations, and structure of the enterprise governance. Moreover, you need to analyze, plan, and develop information security strategies. They must know about the following things:

  • Organizational culture
  • Legal, regulatory, and contractual requirements.

Incident management

You can offer risk management, like being prepared for incidents and guiding recovery. The second module covers tools, evaluations, and containment methods for incident management. You must have the incident response plan, business impact analysis, business continuity plan, disaster recovery plan, incident classification, and categorization.

Security program

This is in the form of resources, asset classification, and frameworks for information security. They motivate you to manage the information security programs like security control, testing, and reporting with implementation.

Risk management

You can analyze and identify the potential information security risks, threats and vulnerabilities. This offers you the information for noticing and countering information security risks to perform at the management level.

How does the CISM Certification enhance career prospects?

The CISM certification can boost your career in the following ways:

  • Career advancements

CISM certification will open opportunities for leadership roles in information security management. This is in the form of a Chief Information Security Officer, which is demanded by organizations that need expertise in information security governance, risk management, and program development.

  • Improved networking

You can get access to a wide range of professionals worldwide. The certification helps people boost their professional network by connecting with like-minded individuals with a common interest in the field.

Consider getting engaged with other professionals through conferences, forums, and local chapters. You can easily get valuable connections, share knowledge, and come up with different collaboration opportunities.

  • Boosting the skills

You must have the personality and skills for professional growth. The certification helps to offer these roles. Information security manager courses help you boost the critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills needed for effective communication.

The certification marks itself as proof of leadership, ethics, and communication, which is needed for exploring the field of information security.

  • Higher salary

CISM-certified professionals have a high pay scale due to their CISM credentials. They can get an extra edge over the market, which helps them get a high salary. The information security manager’s salary is nearly 26 lakhs.

  • Better credibility

A certified information security manager is considered to have better credibility with potential employers, colleagues, and management.

Tips for nurturing Management Excellence in Security

You need to follow these tips to nurture management excellence in security:


The security leaders come up with the needed strategy framework for IT. It is important to conduct an in-depth analysis of the IT assets like the devices, hardware pieces, and software. You need to compare it with the organization’s business and needs. IT leadership helps you to find the informed policy and procedure creation.


You need to share the results of the analysis and share it with the employees of the organization. The education portion presents best cybersecurity practices and third-party providers’ roles and responsibilities.


This is the phase in which you need to opt for important actions. This is in the form of strategy enforcement for compliance comprehensive monitoring and response. Moreover, the phase comes up with several revisions as needed. You can change as per the business needs, use new technologies, and respond to new opportunities and problems.

Follow this link to get an overview of security managers’ work.


You can consider CISM as a successful and rewarding career. A Certified information security manager is useful for professionals and individuals. The professionals have the needed knowledge and expertise in security management. They can identify, predict, and solve the issues effectively and efficiently. The information security manager can develop robust information security for organizations and boost employee awareness and responsibility.


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