6 Ways To Bolster Your Productivity


Productivity is the most essential thing a person and a business needs to have. For all matters of life, it is essential that you manage your tasks and day as effectively as you can so that at the end of the day you have actually accomplished something.

Hence, following are 6 ways that you can increase your productivity throughout the day:

1) Start Waking Up Early

This is perhaps the most important advice I could give to a person who is looking to improve his/her productivity. Waking up early has plenty of advantages, all of which do wonders for your productivity overall. It allows you to get up more time at the start of the day giving you a head start with other regular people. And helps you in getting the most done at the start of the day when you have the most energy. Early morning, you are usually undisturbed and thus can achieve tasks with complete concentration.

2) But, Get Quality Sleep

While waking up is great to increase productivity, it is equally important that you achieve enough sleep so that you are in your optimum state. Most people require about 7-8 hours of sleep daily. And the quality of sleep matters more than the quantity, so make sure you are in the most comfortable state when sleeping, with mildly cool temperature and darkness.

3) Prioritize Your Tasks

There are important tasks and there are urgent tasks. It may be possible that the urgent tasks are unimportant and the important tasks are non-urgent. However, you really need to prioritize your tasks as such that important tasks are always accomplished first even if they are not that urgent. And unimportant tasks can be delayed or delegated off. This is extremely essential if you want to get stuff done and be sure that the most important tasks always get done.

4) Delegate Other Stuff

It is natural that all tasks are not created equal. You should only do the tasks that give you the most money over the hour. For example, it would be much better for you to spend one hour marketing your business than it would be mowing the lawn (in most cases). Hence, you need to learn how to delegate. Unimportant and time-consuming tasks as well as tasks in which you are not most proficient should be delegated off to others, while you focus on more important business.

5) Bookend Your Day

By bookending the day, I mean having a certain regular routine at the start and end of the day. Perhaps it could be writing a short thankfulness log, or a certain meditation practice. And at the end of the day, you may review how the day went and what you accomplished in the day. This allows you to maintain a flow and keep yourself accountable for whatever goes throughout the day.

6) Remove Time-Wasting Activities

By this, I mean keeping a log of small chunks of time that you waste throughout the day. Maybe 5 minutes of Instagram, Facebook a couple of times? Or perhaps a 30 minute watching session on YouTube? These things may seem small at first but really snowball up when added together. You need to recognize these time-wasting activities and instead fill them out with other more productive tasks.

Of course there are other ways to improve your productivity too. These are just some I thought may be most helpful to you too.


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