CFAT Test: How to Practice and What Skills Are Needed?


You must be mentally fit to work in the Canadian forces and must take the CFAT (Canadian Forces Aptitude Test) test. You will be given three sections and each will contain a series of multiple-choice questions.

The questions are generally simple but most people fail because the test time is very limited and strict. When taking the test, your speed matters and you will likely pass if you practice improving speed several times before you sit for the actual test.

What’s in the CFAT Test?

To help you pass CFAT test, you must understand the test sections and what you should expect in each. The test contains three sections that test different capabilities but you will be given very few minutes to complete each section. The military is about speed, accuracy, and tactic and these three components will help you pass. You will be tested in the following three areas.

Your verbal capability

In this section, your knowledge of vocabulary will be tested and you will have fifteen questions that you must complete within 5 minutes. The questions are simple yet tricky because you will be required to pick the most appropriate alternative word for certain words or phrases.

Your problem-solving skills

This section will have math problems to solve and you will have thirty minutes to answer thirty math problems. You will be asked to arrange numbers, diagrams, letters, and figures in a unique sequence. Simple algebra math, solving ratios, calculating percentages, and working on equations will be part of the test.

Your spatial skills

This section will be testing how easily you can differentiate different patterns and forms. You will be given ten minutes to answer fifteen questions. You will be given some die-cut images to match the final folded boxes.

How to practice for the CFAT Test

Practicing will help you get ready mentally for the test day and give you confidence before you start answering the series of questions in different sections. There are many online resources that you can use to help you practice, but if you take the free Wonderlic practice test, you will be better prepared because this site contains some of the best up-to-date practice questions. It is your best way to make yourself familiar with the kind of questions to expect.

Understand your expectations

The CFAT test is simple although it’s very tricky. Ask questions from people, research online and get information from credible sources about what the tests are all about and what the examiners will be looking for. There is a specific purpose why the sections are strictly timed.

Eat well

As much as it might not sound like, it’s a good recommendation to prepare for the test. A poor diet might hinder your brain power and make you lethargic. A good diet will directly impact your cognitive ability and you will be fresh in mind and remember things easily.

Use sample tests to practice

Invest in your future career and buy credible sample tests to help you practice. There are other free sample tests you can take and use them to practice too.

Which areas should you improve on

Considering that you will be tested in three areas, you should improve your skills in these three main areas plus any other area that might help.

High school math is necessary

Even if you are a graduate, you should take time to peruse back into your high school math books and practice in areas like algebra and geometry. Practice arranging numbers in sequences and solve simple addition, division, and multiplication math.

Improve grammar and vocabulary

Practice things like synonyms, verbs, adverbs, and other vocabularies that will help you solve simple words. You must clearly understand the correct meaning of words and the words that might sound the same but have opposite meanings or alternate words that will give the same thing as the word given. Improve your ability to comprehend the meaning in sentences and paragraphs.

Some basic design skills are necessary

You don’t need to enroll in a design school but if you can gain knowledge on how to assemble objects, it will help you pass the spatial test. Some basic scientific principles like basic construction principles might help.

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