2021 Global Marketing Trends


Marketing is becoming a pressurized job. The customers are increasing and so are their demands, but the competition is increasing every second. Thanks to online shopping, the constraints are losing and people can shop from anywhere and everywhere.

However, everyone is racing against time to make themselves visible in the market. Even fortune-500 companies are working on coming up with new ideas every day to make their products stand out. Companies are even taking the philanthropy path to emphasize their global footprint.

When the pandemic entered the world in 2020, it changed the face of the world. From shutting down the entire economy to starting from scratch, the markets experienced extreme turmoil. To rise-up again and get the economy stable, marketing departments paved their way through the crisis and came up with new ideas.

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Meanwhile, let’s see what are the global marketing trends in 2021.

Tremendous Increase in Influencer marketing

As the audience was home and they were spending a lot of time on social media, existing influencers gain a lot of followers. This also made a lot of brands include Influencer marketing as part of their marketing budgets.

Influencers are from different fields like lifestyle, make-up, moms, technology, and much more. They gain followers by sharing and educating their audience on various hacks, tricks, and processes to make life easier.


In the past years, chatbots were used by a handful of brands for interacting with their customers, but with changing times and customer demands, answering to every customer was not getting possible by the brands and hence chatbots started getting used by most of the brands today.

It brings the brands and customers closer as the replies are very prompt and a customer can see their buying history and place requests for changes in the orders instantly.

The company also benefits as there are no long waiting in the customer care department and only critical issues are to be solved by humans.

Social Media Stories

As Snapchat had created stories, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other apps have also added this feature for the customers. It’s content that stays live only for 24 hours. They are very cost-effective and a lot of younger audiences can be reached through the stories.

The add-ons are quizzes, polls, current location, face, and background filters. Almost every brand on social media uses stories. It helps them understand their audience’s preferences in a shorter duration.

Live Videos:

As a person spends most of the time on the internet via phone or laptop they are constantly looking for something new. They keep refreshing their feed for something new. The moment they see someone or a brand is live they immediately see who it is and what are they talking about.

Brands have leveraged the live video features to talk to their audience and answer questions about brands. This has further decreased the gap between consumers and brands.

To conclude

These are some of the trends that are seen prominently in the market and will continue in 2021. But we know that marketers are researching every minute and coming up with brainstorming ideas. So, give people what they want, and add value to your content, these two points are sure to bring you, valued customers, in great numbers.

Also, be up to date with your websites, landing pages, and have a proactive customer care department and you are all set to have a satisfied customer base.


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