How your Business can Benefit from Private Flights without Breaking the Bank


Luxurious and convenient – private flights are a desirable way to travel. While it can be a notoriously expensive way to travel, it doesn’t have to be. More and more people are flying by private jet for their business trips, even when the business doesn’t own one. Sometimes a touch of planning and strategic decision making can help you fly privately for business pursuits for less.

The rise of business travel

During the pandemic, business travel was at an all-time low. However, now that travel restrictions have been lifted, businesses are sending employees out for business trips again to maximize face-to-face time. Whether it’s to meet a client, attend a conference or for networking purposes, being able to travel by air can be invaluable for lots of companies. In the US alone, 1.3 million people go on business trips every day and the travel market is expected to grow by 188% in 2028.

The benefits of private jet travel

The predicted surge in business travel opens up the door to convenient means of transport. That’s where the private jet truly can’t be beaten to get from A to B across the United States or beyond. But what do these benefits include?

Firstly, there are fewer passengers, meaning employees can travel peacefully without being disturbed. Secondly, there’s greater control over the schedule. You won’t be restricted to the often tight and restrictive schedules of places that are perhaps less accessible. Private jets are also able to access smaller airports, which in turn can open up travel opportunities for businesses.

With this in mind, you likely won’t need to go through the same processes as commercial flights, such as the often long and tiresome security processes. Simultaneously, baggage restrictions won’t be an issue either if you take a chartered jet and fewer people will handle your luggage. This can be especially handy for business trips that require lots of valuable equipment. Having this peace of mind can take the pressure off for those sending employees away on trips.

To top it off, the food options are more extravagant, with mass catering being taken out of the picture, and pets are also allowed on private flights, which can be convenient for workers who wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving pets at home.

Private jet membership

Owning a private jet is undoubtedly costly – but a private jet membership could be the solution. A membership can give you access to flights without dealing with the sizeable overheads involved with running and maintaining a jet owned by the company.

Plus, you can make the most of being able to earn loyalty points and access exclusive fleets for a set amount each year with certain memberships.


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