6 Jobs In Demand For Fresh Graduates


With the recent economic crisis, many fresh college graduates are worried about finding a job. Many are doubtful that they can land the position they desire with so few positions available. The reality is there are plenty of jobs for recent graduates available, and if you know where to look, you can find one that suits your career aspirations.

Suppose you have a degree related to technology or any course related to numbers. In that case, there’s a high chance you’ll find a job quickly. Here are some of the in-demand jobs that offer entry-level positions for fresh graduates:

1) Graphic Designer

Graphic designers develop visual communication to communicate messages in an aesthetically and virtually pleasing way. A graphic designer’s job description would include designing logos, images, posters, book covers, posters, ads, promotional materials, websites, and many other visual communication tools.

A graphic designer’s primary task is to attract and hold the interest of the viewers, who will, in turn, generate a considerable amount of sales. To be competitive in the market, they need to possess soft skills to communicate with clients effectively. They should also have the ability to think creatively and independently.

A graphic designer should also have creative thinking and innovative skills. These skills are required to be continuously updated due to constant changes in technology and style. To perform better in such a type of job, it’s essential to have the ability to perform under pressure. They should also present their creativity in an organized portfolio so their clients can easily see their works.

You can apply for jobs in different advertising industries or creative companies, like looking for internships with Pinterest, Google, or social media pages, like Instagram. The average salary for entry-level graphic designers is around USD$32,000 per year.

2) Website Developer

A website developer is an individual or company specializing in the creation of World Wide Web applications with a client-server architecture. This usually involves programming languages and codes to construct informative web pages for users to visit.

Web developers work on projects independently and as part of a development team. The average salary for entry-level web development positions is around USD$65,000 per year.

Website developers are in demand in all kinds of industries as there’s a growing need among businesses to automate processes to save on costs and increase profitability. While the Internet has made communication and distribution of information easier than ever before, there’s still a need for individuals who can create websites from start to finish.

3) App Developer

Jobs in app development are increasing rapidly because there’s a growing demand for mobile applications as people use their mobile phones for so many tasks. The average salary for mobile app developers is around USD$78,000 per year.

These developers help organizations enhance their products and services by developing mobile apps that allow users to interact with their offerings on a mobile platform. Mobile app developers make aesthetically and functionally pleasing mobile apps that meet target consumers’ needs.

Apart from the professional skills required to design apps, it would be best if you also had a good business sense to succeed in the job market. With the help of innovative ideas and technologies, experienced mobile app developers can create engaging apps that business owners can use as tools to enhance their products and services.

4) Accountant

Accountants are in high demand because of their knowledge and skills, and because every business, no matter what the industry it belongs to, needs accountants. Aside from that, accountants add value to any business. The average salary for new accountants is around USD$54,000 per year.

Accountants prepare and review financial documents for tax purposes. Their job requires a higher level of analytical skills because they handle critical numbers significant for businesses.

In addition to accounting and bookkeeping skills, the job requires interpersonal, managerial, computer, marketing, and other business skills. To be successful in this role, it’s necessary to fit in with others in the office, as well as other professionals and clients. They must also have excellent communication skills to perform their duties effectively and accurately.

5) Software Engineer

A software engineer applies the principles of software engineering to the designing, development, analysis, and testing of computer software. Software engineers often work as consultants for various companies, assisting in the creation and implementation of new software projects.

In many cases, an engineer will be involved in drafting the software specifications that a company uses to build its computer software. An engineer may also be interested in researching and developing new software, designing new hardware, or both.

There are many different career paths available to those who wish to pursue a career in software engineering. Some of the more common software engineer career paths include software project management, software engineering, and software applications.

As a software engineer, you may be involved in creating game-play, animations, images, games, or computer software used to aid in business operations. New software engineers earn roughly USD$74,000 annually.

6) Data Scientist

Being a data scientist is one of the tech careers to consider after college graduation. What does a data scientist do?  They use mathematics, computer science, statistics, and other methods to analyze data and solve business problems. Data science can be challenging and time-consuming. It requires creativity, analysis, reasoning, and knowledge of different programming languages. In the last few years, the demand for these experts has been on the rise.

A data scientist’s role is both interesting and exciting. A data scientist needs to be good with statistics, but it may help taking a class in analytics to supplement your bachelor’s degree. An entry-level salary for this position is around USD95,000 a year.


Tech jobs are growing more as innovations are being developed daily. With that, fresh graduates with a tech-related degree can expect to land high-paying jobs easily. Web developers, app developers, and software engineers will continue to be in demand as the need for automation and website building become the focus of many businesses.

However, other careers continue to be high in demand, like accountants and data scientists. There are also creative jobs, like graphic designing, that continue to be in demand in the fields of marketing and advertising.


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