5 Secrets to Running a Successful Man and Van Business


If you are considering quitting your day job and going into business on your own, one industry you may want to consider exploring is the man and van industry. The number of people moving houses in the UK is steadily on the increase, and the demand for man and van services is increasing alongside.

Starting a man and van business does not require any special skill, apart from the ability to drive and knowledge of the local terrain. Even if you don’t know your way around town, GPS and inbuilt navigation system will make it easy for you to locate your destination with little or no problem. So you can see that starting a man and van business is a good idea and an investment opportunity with the potential to bring in solid profits.

If you feel that running a man and van operation is something you or someone you know can do, you will need the following five secrets if you want to succeed in the business.

1) Set some money aside

Do you know that a large number of businesses fail early as a result of insufficient capital?

Before you quit your regular job and get into the man and van business, you have to be sure you have set aside enough money, not just to run the business until it finds its feet, but also to live on as well.

It is important that you put your finances in order before venturing into business. You don’t want to discover that you have run out of cash a few months into your new business. You will also need money for the most part of the early stages, especially for registration and all the other legal requirements that accompany running a transport-related business.

2) Choose the right van

To a large extent, the success of your man and van business is tied to your business van. This is what you will use to move people and their belongings from one place to another, usually long distances, so you want to make sure you get a van that is right for the job.

When considering a van for your business, you may feel it is cost-effective to lease one, but the reverse is the case. You will spend more on leasing than you will if you buy a van outright. The standard specs for man and van is a Luton-style box. Make sure it has a tail lift to make loading and unloading easy.

Don’t forget to properly display the name of your company on your van to publicise your business as you drive around. You should also consider how you can save money onvan insurance to protect your business asset.

3) Set reasonable prices

Man and van services are usually better priced than haulage companies. This is why most people prefer to engage a man and van when moving rather than call a moving company.

But because you will be coming into an industry where you have existing players, it may be a good idea to consider setting entry-level prices that will help you attract customers.

When you set good prices for your services, it will be one of the selling points of your business, and in no time, you will be able to compete favourably with others who started before you.

4) Your marketing strategy

Offering competitive prices may not be enough to guarantee the customers you need to start making profits. People tend to stick with familiar businesses until something comes up and they need to change, so it may be difficult for a new entrant to attract enough businesses with just good prices.

The best way to break into a market is to design a foolproof marketing strategy beforehand. Your marketing strategy will outline how you plan to attract customers and keep them. As already explained, a good idea is to display the name and contact information of your business on your van, so that people can see it when you go on your daily business.

5) High-quality customer service

Finally, once you have your van all set up and have started attracting a few customers, endeavour to provide high-quality customer service. One of the fastest ways to grow your business is by the word of mouth publicity, and you can only get this when you have satisfied customers.


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