Working with Salesforce for a Small Business


If you have heard a lot about Salesforce and how it helps connect you to the customers and to your clientele too and wondered if it is the right solution for you, or if it’s affordable for you, then there are interesting details you must learn. Salesforce is very much customizable. Therefore, in short, you can scale it as per your use. Whether you are a small business or a big one, you can scale the Salesforce CRM according to your needs.

Salesforce is affordable for all

Now it’s evident, that as a small business, you would not have that much of capital and financial strength as a big business would have. Still, if they are assuring you that you can customize it as per needs to suit your working, then it obviously is good news for you. That because, while you can customize the leading CRM software of the world for you, at the same time, you also are assured that it would be made an affordable solution for you.

You can actually integrate Salesforce for the small business

You can integrate Salesforce easily to your small business. They have very affordable plans for their lighter version for the small business. In case you have less than 10 employees in your business, then you may opt for the light pack or starter pack of Salesforce, which charges a minimal fee for small business.

Why integrate Salesforce for your small business

People start a business with a vision to grow. Nobody starts a business with the thought of keeping it small and stagnant. The idea behind any business, however micro or mini it is, is always to grow it. The growth depends on various factors, obviously. Now if you are using infrastructure that doesn’t support growth or bars growth, then our own infrastructure would act against the development. Hence you must be sure from the very beginning to use such business infrastructure that keeps options open for further growth and advancement. Salesforce gives you that exact kind of platform. When you use Salesforce CRM solution for your small business, you actually start paving the path towards advancement that may expand anytime in the future when you wish to or have to.

What to anticipate when you start using Salesforce from the inception of your business

Once you begin with your use of the small business solution of Salesforce, you may then gradually upgrade when you expand. In the meantime, the staffs you get trained to the platform get really easy with the operations and working of Salesforce. Therefore when you upgrade, they really don’t get through any friction to absorb the higher version and advanced function of the software available with advanced packages. That’s why your staff needs no more of extra training when you upgrade when from the very beginning of the business you are habituated with the use of a platform that is globally recognized, used, and preferred.

How to integrate Salesforce for your small business

It is very easy to start with the integration of Salesforce for the small business. You just need the help of the third party service who would install it in your system and then train you initially to start using it. This would reduce your hard work and minimize the time to get operational. Hence with services like, you may instantly get ahead with the installation and further use of Salesforce. And when you plan to upgrade in future, maybe with other advanced versions or advanced tools like Salesforce DX, then also you can get the full support from the same service and get ahead seamlessly.

The benefits of Salesforce for small business

Here are some of the things you can do with the small business Salesforce package:

  • Manage accounts, opportunities, and leads.
  • Tracks meetings and auto track emails.
  • Support your customers with email chat and social media support.
  • Help customers with self-service.
  • Guided setup in onboarding
  • Creation of custom reports and dashboards

With the above benefits, a small business can shine, and you can steer the business with smooth operations when you have such immense custom service and support centric software in hand to operate.

Other options besides the small business solution

Besides going for the small business solution, you have many other choices too. You essentially need not reach for this particular solution only, just because it is tagged for small businesses. There are many other solutions of Salesforce, for the various types of working. While some are oriented towards sales and support, some are just for customer support, and some for app development, and some for marketing. Therefore you have several choices in salesforce software to choose from depending on what kind of business you have, and your employee strength.

Cloud-based operation

A very good thing about Salesforce software is that the entire thing is cloud-based.  All your data stays secure in the cloud of the platform, and you access the data anytime without any threat of data loss or theft. That’s why the platform is not just safe and secure, but also exerts minimum hardware requirements on to your computers. If you have standard computers, then they are good to go with Salesforce. You really need not invest in any extension or upgrades. This makes it all the more compliant with small business solutions as well where you invest and spend money in a calculated way with much cautious planning.


Investing in a solution like Salesforce for customer support, sales, marketing, and all, actually makes you sorted in every way. While you can resolve all customer problems and address all issues from the single CRM, customers also can get in touch with you through this on the platform. Therefore without dividing departments within the business or office, you can merge things together, and still work in a unified and systematic way with the use of the platform. Salesforce is one of the most organized customer relationship management platforms in the world, which actually gives you the best taste of relationship management and release management and deployment possible.


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