How Startups Can Take Advantage Of Cloud-Based Phone System


Unlike established businesses, startups often operate on a tightrope operation. Hour by hour, they must be aware of every penny that goes in and out of their pocketbooks. Day by day, they must be completely on top of things regarding their sales funnels and retention processes. And of course, who can forget about communications channels, especially their phone system?

Because of those things, a startup requires only the leanest kind of services out there. They can’t settle for less, but they also can’t settle for luxurious setups and services. Hence, a cloud-based phone system can be their ideal option for their phone system.

If you’re an owner of a recently launched business startup, here are a few ways you can take advantage of cloud-based phone systems:

1) They Can Take Advantage Of Its Lower Cost

After the surge of cloud-based phone systems’ popularity and improvements in internet technology, this kind of phone system’s price became cheaper than traditional ones. Like if you’re in North Carolina, you can quickly and instantly find inexpensive business telephone systems Charlotte has to offer if you do a simple search.

Cloud-based systems were an expensive choice back then as internet speed was abysmal compared to today. Businesses need to adopt a much better internet package plan to allow a company to support multiple calls if they wish to utilize a cloud-based phone system.

Aside from internet speeds, cloud-based phone systems mainly rely on computers and software instead of the hardware needed by traditional phone systems. And because of that, this type of service became cheaper. There’s no need to have expensive on-premise private branch exchanges (PBX), which connect all the phones within the business, and other hardware requirements.

2) They Can Take Advantage Of Its Reliability And Portability

Traditional phone systems often are limited to the location where they’re installed. And for instance, when disaster strikes on a startup’s office space—say that a fire happened—the business can’t use its phone system until access to the office space is restored.

With a cloud-based phone system, startups can continue operations even if they moved out of their operation building. And since there is no required hardware installation and all that’s needed are computers and an internet connection, startups can work and make calls whenever and wherever they are as long as they’re connected to the internet.

3) They Can Take Advantage Of How It Enables Remote Work

A computer, headset, and internet connection—as long as an employee has those three, they can remotely work for any startup and use a cloud-based phone system. And because of how work-from-home and hybrid work setup has proved critical for businesses for the past few years, startups need to consider a cloud-based phone system for this reason alone.

4) They Can Take Advantage Of How Fast It Is To Set Up

As mentioned before, startups generally don’t need to buy or install expensive on-site hardware and equipment for cloud-based phone systems. Instead of lengthy on-site installations, startups can wait for snappy service activation to use their cloud-based phone system, making this service a must if startups and SMEs want a scalable communications network.

5) They Can Take Advantage Of How It Only Requires Little Maintenance

Unlike with traditional phone systems, you often need a team or a single point person to manage and maintain everything. With a cloud-based phone system, you can let the service provider care about everything else. After all, all the equipment is on their end, so you wouldn’t need to worry about anything.

6) They Can Take Advantage Of Many Features At Non-Debilitating Costs

Because everything is mainly based on software, a cloud-based phone system provider can give its clients the features they need in a few clicks on their end. And the number of features they can provide is nothing to laugh at since they have almost everything a traditional phone system can offer. Some of those features are the following:

  • Customer caller ID and one-click conference calls
  • Call queues and advanced call forwarding
  • Hold music and multi-level auto attendants
  • Voicemail to text or email and automatic call recording
  • Call logs and analytics

7) They Can Take Advantage Of Its Ability To Unify With Other Communication Channels

And finally, the nail in the coffin of the advantages of cloud-based phone systems: smooth integration with other communication channels. It’s that one single aspect of cloud-based phone systems which significantly improved communications.

Unlike traditional phone systems that require custom and proprietary software to work well with other communications channels or be integrated into computers, cloud-based phone systems already have the necessary software compatible with most communications channels.

As a matter of fact, most cloud phone system providers also offer other communications services that are packaged into their primary services. This characteristic alone makes it simpler for startups to get everything from one company and not worry about how they can make everything work without a hitch.

Wrapping Up

There you have it: an almost complete list of how startups can take advantage of cloud-based phone systems. To summarize, businesses can benefit from this kind of phone system because of its inexpensiveness, reliability, portability, maintenance-free nature, feature-richness, and ability to easily integrate and unify with other communications channels.


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