Technology of Vaping Pens: Why are They Better Than Cigarettes?

Technology of Vaping

E-cigarettes have changed the industry of smoking. Frankly speaking, there have been dozens of people who thought that vaping would outdo smoking in a while. However, after almost 25 years of active vaping history, the statement has not become true yet.

What is more, even though some people see vaping and smoking as antagonists, others make business with both of them. As a result, the marketing strategies of these companies differ. Sometimes vaping and smoking might be opposed, but they are often presented as logically connected activities in which a person gets a set of advantages.

The most famous marketing idea plays with people’s perception of safety and health concepts. Lots of people believe that having no cigarette in their mouth automatically makes their choice better and less harmful. However, the most dangerous thing in a cigarette is nicotine, not the cover. This means that only non-nicotine vapes can truly compete with a cigarette in terms of being healthier.

History of Vaping

For a quarter of the century, vaping devices have been used by people. In reality, there exist some facts about people trying to develop vaping devices even earlier. However, Hon Lik is considered to be the father of a vaping device. He was a Chinese pharmacist whose father died from respiratory health system issues. That was a no-return point for his son in his wish to create a magical device.

The story is quite moving because Hon Lik was suffering from the loss of a close person, but still, he decided to dedicate his time, not to grief and despair but to assist other people and try to save their lives and prevent their relatives from grief and despair. This tells us a lot about Hon Lik as a person too.

The problem is that Hon Lik thought about getting rid of tars and other harmful substances that appear while burning, but he never thought about a nicotine-free vape pen (, which in fact, would be healthier. Even now, some people who know about the harm from nicotine still smoke and worry about nothing. In its turn, vaping without nicotine as a healthier way still sounds dubious for those who want to get protected from the negative consequences of vaping or smoking.

However, nicotine-free vaping can also indirectly harm people. At the very beginning of vape pens’ existence, some of them contained no nicotine. But they also caused great harm to human beings. Only some of them were disposable, meaning that many vape pens were used only once and then – thrown away. This was a huge threat to the environment and, thus, to human beings. Plastic and metals of the body of the vaping device, along with the battery, make themselves dangerous rubbish, and if ten persons throw away three of these devices daily, it might significantly worsen the ecological situation.

Types of Vaping Devices

Vaping Devices

Technologically, vaping devices could be different. Firstly, there exist cig-a-likes. These are the simplest devices that look extremely similar to usual vape pens. They are the least expensive ones and are not really popular nowadays. Usually, they lack some technological functions, which the other types possess. Their batteries are much weaker, and the effect of vaping cannot be regulated by changing wattage, voltage, or other settings.

Secondly, there exist vape pens, which are the most classical option. They still look like pens, but they hardly resemble a cigarette. In fact, these are small tubes with all the necessary filings for vaping sessions. Their batteries can live longer than in previous generations of vaping devices, and some of them can be modified according to users’ needs. Often this type of vaping device is recommended as a starter’s kit for beginners. They are simple in use and care, so it is the perfect option.

Thirdly, there are vaping mods. Their name originated from the fact that they can be easily modified. The other, the more official name for them, is an advanced personal vaping device. Some people tried to alter their flashlights into mod vapes. The practical reason for that was trying to get more power for their device and thus have a more variable vaping experience. However, the saddest point about this was that sometimes people tried to modify the device without knowing how to do it, and it led to desolate results. Some people were injured, and some people were killed.

Fourthly, pod mods were the newest type of vaping device. The distinctive features of this type of device were higher and variable voltage and wattage, digital display (optional feature), temperature setting, sub-Ohms tanks, and airflow control. For sure, some devices can lack one or two of these features, but mostly, they are all present as they allow people to control their vaping session to the smallest details. What is more, some of the devices can be connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth and regulated via their device.

Technological Peculiarities of E-Cigs in Contrast to Usual Cigs

The main difference between e-cigs and usual cigs lies in the type of burning. To be more precise, in lack of burning. While using a usual cig, people need to burn tobacco to get nicotine out; using an e-cig, the liquid (or wax, or shudder) is heated so that it changes to vapor. This way, the user is not exposed to the burning process and allows the elimination of unhealthy effects of burning.

However, it does not mean that heating does not have cons. Setting it too a high temperature might harm or destroy some of the tissues in the airways. It can lead to irritation or some disease development. The other disadvantage of vaping devices (even non-nicotine vape pens) is that the e-liquid that is used contains various chemicals. They are not considered to be harmful, but when heated, some of them might change or mix with others and become slightly (or greatly) poisonous. Moreover, some liquids people buy or make themselves are not controlled. Therefore, one should always purchase legal and certified liquids in order to avoid risks.

Last but never least is the danger of nicotine. Here non, nicotine vape are excluded from the risk group. There exist e liquids with different levels of nicotine content. Mainly they are promoted in a way that one can especially use them in order to decrease the cravings for nicotine step by step. However, some might use the highest levels of nicotine all the time, which is why they might get even more addicted to nicotine through vaping devices rather than by a usual cigarette.


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