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What do landing pages offer for business? They drive conversions and nurture new customers. They also educate people about your products or services.

You can use landing pages to direct website visitors to targeted pages and focus their attention on one specific offer. This limits any distractions of anything else on your site.

Here’s how you can build a landing page that can inspire people to join your audience or purchase your products:

Tip #1: Define Your Goal

What’s your goal in building a landing page? Before anything else, you will need to determine the goal for creating a landing page.

For example, you may want a signup page designed to give site visitors a form to join it and grow your audience. You may also build a product page dedicated to selling your offerings.

You can use website builders like elementor vs. Wix to ensure a professional-looking landing page.

Tip #2: Know Your Target Audience

Knowing who your audience is can increase your landing page’s relevance while improving conversion rates. You can also convey the message more easily.

Rather than giving all your customers a similar experience, you can create a different landing page where each targets a particular audience segment.

For instance, if you manage a skincare business, you can build various landing pages that include content tailored to customers with different skin problems. You can design a landing page promoting skincare products for people with sensitive skin and another page showcasing a collection for people with acne-prone skin.

Tip #3: Write Concise and Compelling Copy

Like ad and email marketing campaigns, landing pages must include relevant, on-brand, and concise copy to be more effective.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Create attention-grabbing headlines
  • The message’s body should be to the point, informative, and simple.
  • Use bullet points or subheadings if necessary to make the content easier to read.
  • Keep call-to-action actionable and clear.

As with the footer, you can include your contact details. That way, customers can connect with you in case they have a concern or question.

Tip #4: Use Beautiful Images

One of the best ways to grab the attention of your target audience is by adding beautiful images to your landing pages. Engaging visuals are powerful if you incorporate eye-catching photos or pictures that display your latest offerings.

Are you having trouble finding the perfect images? You can check out resources such as Pexels and Unsplash.

Customers cannot physically interact with your products online. That is why they rely on product photos during the decision-making phase. So, ensure the images on your landing page convey color, size, texture, and other product aspects.

Here are some tips when choosing images for your landing page:

  • Use Multiple Images.A series of product photos is usually more convincing than a single image. You can use mobile devices with built-in edition tools and capable cameras. While you are not a professional photographer, you can still take high-quality and engaging visuals for your landing pages.
  • Use Lifestyle Images.These images tell product stories and help interested buyers imagine how they can use the products in their day-to-day lives or for a special purpose. You can incorporate people, props, and locations to give the audience a clearer view of what you are selling.
  • Show Multiple Angles.You can help customers visualize what your items look like in person with images from various proximities or perspectives. You can include at least one image that indicates scale.

Tip #5: Create a Detailed Product Information

Is your landing page designed to sell your products? Then, include detailed product information. Expand on critical product specs, including dimensions, sizes, or weight. This is your chance to highlight the value or benefit of your items and entice prospective buyers.

Tip #6: Write a Clear and Compelling Product Description

Aside from product information, you also need to work with product descriptions.

A compelling product description is a must-have if your landing page functions as a product page. It should clearly state what products you are selling and what makes them a worthwhile purchase.

You will need to ensure the product page is relevant and on-brand. Remember that a good product page copy help converts visitors into buying customers.

Here are some effective ways to write a clear and compelling product description:

  • The first description that customers should see must be to the point and clear.
  • Provide customers with enough information about the product to give them confidence in buying it.

Tip #7: Use Reviews to Build Trust

Customers usually read reviews about products they want to buy or businesses they want to hire before making a final decision. This means online reviews have a direct impact on businesses.

Shoppers are curious about others’ experiences with particular products. If shoppers recommend or do not recommend something, others will follow their advice.

If you receive positive customer feedback, you can include them on your landing page. These testimonials will not only advertise your products or brand but also serve as a final nudge for customers to buy your products.

Tip #8: Incorporate Discounts or Promo Codes

Promo codes and coupons are some of the most enticing and effective tools to drive sales and signups. While building a landing page, do not forget to include discounts, coupon codes, and other offers that can attract buyers.

Extra incentives can both make customers join your audience and buy your products. One landing page can be dedicated to targeting a specific audience segment and be independent of your store, website, and other marketing. This will help you advertise incentives to the audience without impacting other marketing strategies and promotions.

Tip #9: Share Your Landing Page

After designing and publishing your landing pages, your next step is to promote them to your target audience. Do it by sharing the customizable landing page URLs. You can also use digital ads to drive traffic to your landing pages. You can include links in your email marketing campaigns if you sell new products.

Final Thoughts

Remember that website visitors are on your landing page because of one purpose: to get an offer through lead-capture form completion. So, ensure to create an effective landing page and always consider your target audience in every detail you add to your page.

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