Video Marketing Can Drive Your Business Forward. Do You Have A Plan?


Finding some budget for video in your marketing mix is an exciting time. Good video content is quickly moving from a ‘nice to have’ to a central part of credible marketing strategies. The digital era is presenting all kinds of options for marketeers to show their creative side. This creates opportunities that simply must be capitalized on for successful demand creation in the modern era.

This article gives you some key things to look out for as you get started in video marketing, and how to get your products into the spotlight!

The Case for Video

Animated video is the prom queen of marketing – it has everything going for it. It can be quick and cheap to produce. It is also a great way of showing your company’s products and services doing what they are designed to do – help your customers.

Video is also a great tool for supporting your broader marketing strategy. It is a tool that can bring traffic to your website from social media platforms. It can also trigger click-throughs from email campaigns and PPC campaigns. Video is also the perfect way for telling potential buyers about how your products can help them solve a problem or create revenue growth. You can use it to demonstrate to potential buyers that you understand their needs and how your product will improve things for them.

Animated video can generate business results even with a relatively modest budget.

Why Animated Video?

With animated video, you can create compelling content to promote your company or products. The difference with 3D video is that you can create it without the time or costs involved.

Despite this, you can still achieve visually appealing animations that reflect your business in a highly professional manner.  You can use it to create a proposition for your products and put it in context for potential buyers.

2D animation is a great tool to sow the seed of thought with buyers. It can get your message across in the crucial first few seconds. This is vital because peoples’ dwell time on social media posts is increasingly tiny.

Animated videos can also feature a compelling call to action at the end to entice the viewer to take a positive next step. Take them to a dedicated landing page to be able to track the results down to a single video.

Recruiting an Animation Video Company

You are unlikely to have the skills or resource in-house to produce 2D animated video right away, and almost certainly not to the standard you would like. First impression are crucial, and social media videos are likely to be the first glimpse of your business for many people. It is imperative therefore that your videos show your firm’s positives and encourage a next action.

2D animated video is a great way to get started in video content production so look for an animation videos agency that specializes in 2D instead of 3D video. Seeking out an agency with speciality in 2D is the perfect way to start.

Shortlist a few agencies and send them all the same brief. Be clear about your objectives, timelines, and budget available. Tell them you are looking for a long-term video production partner, and that there will be ongoing work for the right agency.

Defining Your Goals

What are your goals from the video? Establishing this before you start is important. Are you looking to create impulsive sales on a high-volume product? Or are you looking to initiate sales cycles on products or services that need more time to close? Being clear about what action you want the viewer to take at the end of the video is important to its success.

The first 6 seconds of a video are crucial to get your key messages across. That is how short peoples’ attention spans are on social media. This is due to the way people scroll through their feeds, and the fierce competition for attention that occupies the platforms.

Use 2D animated videos to draw out the key aspects of your service and how they help the potential buyer. In those crucial first seconds, aim to draw out the challenges you solve more than how you do so. This will hopefully encourage the potential buyer to keep watching, or at the very least visit your website to find out more.

Recruiting the right animation video company means you can work with them to advise you on this kind of thing too. You are the experts in your business, they are the experts in video production.


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