Ways to Fix Source Not supported Chromecast


Streaming devices are becoming popular nowadays and people are using different devices that are available on the website. Chromecast device is one of them and is used widely by users. As google Chromecast has a lot of innovative features in it, you can stream any content to your television from this device. However, if you are using the Chromecast device for a longer period, chances are it will cause an error saying the source is not supported by Chromecast.

Let’s have a look at why the error source has not supported Chromecast occur?

There are no shreds of evidence for the appropriate reason of the error source not supported Chromecast to occur but usually, it is seen when you are using an outdated device, the mirroring option is disabled, or if there is a connectivity issue it can occur.

If you are facing the same issue, then you don’t need to worry about it. Here you will find the best possible ways to resolve the error source not support Chromecast.

Internet connectivity:

The error may have occurred due to an unstable internet connection. So before going on any further steps make sure to check whether your Wi-Fi is working. You can check it by playing any video on YouTube on your mobile or laptop. If the video is playing without interruption, it means your internet connection is stable.

Check if Chromecast and mirroring services are on the same connection:

If your Chromecast is connected to one network and mirroring devices to another there is a higher chance of the error source not Supported Chromecast to occur. If this is the case switch both to the same internet connection and check if the error is fixed.

Clear Cache and memory of Apps:

This option is best when the error source not supported Chromecast is shown only while using some specific applications. The error is most likely to occur on Android devices. The best possible way to resolve this error is to clear the cache and memory of the applications that are showing errors. For this follow the below steps:

From applications select settings.

In the settings menu, go to Apps.

A menu will open that will show more options. From there select Manage apps.

List off all the installed applications that will be opened, from there select the specific application causing the error.

Then select the storage option, there you will see the user data and cache option.

You need to clear all the cache from there and restart your device again.

Enable Mirroring service:

Streaming from the chrome browser requires the mirroring services to be enabled or else it will show source not supported Chromecast. To enable or to check if it is enabled follow the below instructions.

Open google chrome and type chrome://flags in the search bar.

From there press CTRL + F together and type mirroring.

A window will be opened showing a mirroring option there with a drop-down menu.

From this menu click enabled and now restart the chrome browser.

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Restart all devices:

You need to restart all the devices that are involved in streaming. The television, laptop/computer/ mobile, and your Wi-Fi device.

Turn off the television and disconnect from the Chromecast device by unplugging.

Turn off the Wi-Fi and switch it on after a couple of minutes.

Restart your smartphone or the device from which you are mirroring.

Now open both television and mobile and connect them to Wi-Fi.

Connect your Chromecast device with the television and make sure to connect it with the same internet connection.

Update Chrome browser:

The error also occurs if your browser is not updated. Browsers usually do not update automatically even if the auto-updates are on you have to sometimes update them manually. For this;

Open the chrome browser and click the 3 dots icon there.

Select about google chrome option from there.

The system will now search for any new updates available for the chrome browser.

If the new update is available, it will show you the update and ask to update the browser. Now update your device and finish the process. It may take some time.

After finishing, select the option of the relaunch, and you are done!

Disable ad blocker and VPN:

All the ad blockers and VPN usually mask your IPN addresses and may cause this error to have occurred. Disabling them will fix the error.

For ad blockers to be disabled, you need to open the chrome browser and click on the three dots.

From there select more tools and open extensions.

Now select the ad blockers you are using and disabled them and if they are unnecessary you can uninstall them also.

For VPN, open the VPN and select the option of turning off the services.

Factory Reset Chromecast:

After trying all the possible listed solutions above, if anything doesn’t work, you will now need to factory reset Chromecast to bring it to its original default settings and use it as a new device.

These were the ways by which you can fix the error source not support Chromecast.


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