Ways To Improve Website Traffic with the WordPress Plugin Experience


When it comes to online business, website traffic plays a significant role in drawing sales. This is why business owners from around the world focus on digital marketing.

This is the reason why they utilize WordPress push notifications effectively. The thing is WordPress provides you with a lot of options to increase website traffic in the form of plugins. The plugins are capable enough to bring new customers to your platform.

You can send push notifications using WooCommerce push notifications, use WordPress SEO by Yoast to increase traffic, and so on.

Well, if you are curious to improve the website traffic using WordPress Plugins here are some that allow you to do so in unique ways.


When it comes to popularity, Yoast makes its entry with more than 5 million downloads. This is so because the results of Yoast are so effective that one can’t stop installing it. You can increase website traffic using Yoast in various ways. You can add meta value to your website’s homepage, you can go with social media optimization by optimizing images, titles, descriptions, and so on. You can also create sitemap files, edit robots.txt and .htaccess.

This will let you top Google Search Engine results. As an outcome of the same, you will remain visible to the audience and chances are high that you will attract more audience in comparison to your competitors.

Broken Link Checker:

How do you feel when you are curious to get a glance at the product on the website but the page ceases to open due to a broken link? Obviously, you will be disappointed and the chances are high that you avoid visiting that website again in the future.

This is a common scenario that often happens with a lot of websites. The thing is, it decreases the website traffic on a large scale.

But you can go with a Broken Link Checker. This WordPress plugin scans your WordPress site for any broken links. It quickly finds the broken link and informs you about the same. This will let you fix the issue at the earliest possible level. Moreover, this plugin provides you with an easy-to-use dashboard.

Now no more 404 links or broken internal or external links as Broken Link Checker will notify you about the same and you can continue with attracting more audience to your platform.

Smush Image compression & Optimization:

Large image files slow down the speed of your website. As a result, the visitor has to wait for a long period of time before the page opens fully. This seems not to be a big issue but it really impacts the customer experience on your website. It also impacts your SEO.

To prevent this situation from happening you can go with Smush Image Compression & Optimization. It will help your website to load rapidly by compressing the images that take a longer time to load. This will be beneficial for you in attracting those audiences who are experiencing slow internet at their place.

HubSpot WordPress Plugin:

Hubspot WordPress plugin will help you understand where you are required to concentrate. It is going to help you with tools.

You can use the built-in analytics of HubSpot to get a holistic view of your marketing performance. You will be able to know which are those pages that are driving leads. What time and day are perfect for publishing the new content? What are channels that are sending traffic and so on?

This data will let you get an idea of which area you need to focus on and what you can do further to draw more traffic.

Bloom Email Optin:

When it comes to reaching the target audience all you need is an effective and secure way to do the same. For this, you can go with Email opt-in forms.

The thing is, Email options put a vast impact on your business. It helps to regulate constant traffic on your website. This means using this plugin you are lowering your dependency on the search engines.

As the audience who are interested in your website will subscribe to your newsletter. This further increases the possibility of high traffic when you update them about your latest trends. But keep in mind that you have to use a quality plugin for this purpose. A low-quality plugin can damage your lead.


When it comes to increasing your website traffic through WordPress Plugins, there is a variety of them available for free as well as paid. You can use them to reach the audience in an effective way. You can motivate audiences to pay a visit to your website and most of all you can retain your audience by providing them the best experience on your website.


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