5 Reasons why Team Building Activities are Necessary for Boosting Team Spirit


Employee engagement has always been a priority for organizations. The staff needs a highly motivating and engaging environment to be productive and contribute to the organization’s vision. While there are multiple ways to motivate employees, in-person team-building games can be extremely useful. They help team members build relationships, find purpose, and relate to the establishment

In remote work, team building plays a vital role in how an employee interacts with the organization. When team members are disconnected from each other, they cannot relate to the organization’s vision and collaborate for it. Remote team building activities can bring together teams and create a conducive environment for collaboration. They can be as engaging as physical team building activities and are less expensive to host. However, like everything else in organizations, team building activities yield the best results when organized with a goal. They are very effective when planned and organized creatively.

Here are a few ways in which these activities boost team spirit:

Releases stress

Stress is often known to dampen team spirit and lead to burnout. Sometimes employees need time to relax and rejuvenate. Making time for fun at work can bring back the passion and determination needed to be more productive. Ever since the workforce has gone remote, teams have been reporting higher work pressure, burnout, and longer working hours. Remote team building activities allow team members to relax and relieve themselves of stress. Having fun also boosts creativity and innovation. When employees are at their best mental health, they can not only be more productive but can also be more collaborative. Team building activities that are fun like game nights, virtual movie nights, virtual clubs, or virtual meditation sessions can be great as stress relievers.

Improves Communication

When team members do not have smooth communication between them, teams crumble and silos emerge. Communication is key to the success of any team. But not all teams can do it the right way. The problem is more prevalent in remote teams where it is easy to assume daily check ins or zoom calls as the only necessary communication. Ideally, communication should help team members connect with one another and the organization. Team building activities help in strengthening communication in remote teams. They break down barriers, make team members comfortable with one another and encourage them to interact.  Ideal team building activities for improving communication include virtual escape rooms, weekend game nights, virtual dinner dates, etc.

Builds Personal Relationships

When employees share personal relationships, they are more likely to come together and collaborate. Team building activities provide opportunities for team members to explore each other’s personal interests, build memories, and develop a sense of belonging. Socializing at work has also been proven to have advantages like increased employee engagement, a strong organizational culture, and team camaraderie.  Some examples of activities that build personal relationships are truth or dare, virtual quests, virtual challenges like food challenges or health challenges,

Creates Trust and Empathy

Trust and empathy are the most valued characteristics in team building. When team members do not trust each other, they cannot collaborate and exchange new ideas. When employees worked out of offices, there are more opportunities for building trust. In remote teams, employees no longer meet each other or interact on a personal level. Therefore, team building activities must be organized to help team members interact personally and build trust. Moreover, remote teams command a higher level of empathy than in office teams to collaborate. Sometimes family and personal concerns demand attention and team members need to be empathetic to each other at these times. Organizing informal weekly virtual meetups, playing fun games together, introducing family members, having a tour of each other’s workplace are some team building activities that cultivate empathy.

Promotes inclusion and togetherness

In remote work, teams are no longer limited to a size or a geographical location. Teams can be as small as five or as large as 200. And workforce today is global. However, with these advancements come challenges. In large teams it is hard to keep up with one another on a personal level and build cohesiveness. In diverse teams, ethnicity, personal experiences, or cultural indifferences might be barriers to collaboration. Remote team building activities can break down these barriers and bring a sense of togetherness. Diversity cannot be avoided in today’s global era. So, organizing team building activities regularly is essential in large and diverse teams. For teams that are characterized by diversity, activities can be themed around cultures or getting to know other ethnicities. These are not only engaging but also make your team members a global workforce.

Remote team building activities are an important investment if you are maintaining fully remote teams. These activities cater to employee wellness and building a motivating organizational culture.


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