2021 Workwear Trends: All about Comfort and Inclusivity!


Office culture has fundamentally changed this past year. With more people than ever remote working or working flexible hours, it was only a matter of time until workwear became more relaxed and casual. While many of us are excited to finally ditch the suits and high heels, the problem is… what do we wear to work now? Before you reach for your old trouser suit or pumps, check out this list of 5 of the best tips for nailing the casual and inclusive women’s workwear trends of 2021.

1) Enjoy print and color

It used to be that women had to hide their personality from their workwear. At best you were allowed a peak of color under your skirt suit. As younger people influence workwear, the trends become more and more casual. If you stick to neutral colors like black and grey, you risk ageing yourself! So don’t be afraid to incorporate a bit of color and pattern into your workwear, just don’t take it too far. Florals and stripes are great… an entire leopard print ensemble might still be a bit too bold for workwear!

If you’re looking for a place to find some great new prints or colors to add a pop of flavor to your workwear, try a brand like Shein! They offer an amazing collection of women’s clothing in all sorts of trendy styles, prints and colors for your try. With this fantastic Shein coupon code, you can even enjoy a discount on your next order!

2) Get rid of your heels

Women have been wearing heels in the workplace for decades, but the times are changing! So much so that some places like British Columbia, Canada have outlawed mandatory high heels in the workplace.

These days high heels can seem a little stuffy and antiquated in most modern workplaces. So get rid of your painful heels for good and invest in a pair of flat shoes! The trick to making flats look professional in the workplace is to avoid ballet shoes and opting for a pair of modern loafers or boots instead.

There is one drawback though – flat shoes tend to look awful with flared pants! So if you’re planning on ditching your heels for flatter shoes, invest in some tapered-legged pants as well.

3) Loosen up your clothing

There’s nothing that used to be more synonymous with women’s workwear than super-fitted, mid-length dresses. If you think back to any classic 80s or 90s film about women in the workplace, like 9 to 5 or Working Girl, you’ll be overwhelmed with the amount of tight dresses under boxy blazers!

Yet as more and more people prioritize comfort in their workwear, we’re seeing women’s business clothing becoming looser and more casual. So loosen up a bit and invest in some flowy garments for the 2021 season! Some great places to start are midi skirts and wrap dresses.

4) Ditch the suit

Suit sales are down all over the world. In 2020 alone, the U.S. men’s suit market shrunk a staggering 24%. One thing’s for certain, younger generations love comfort in their workwear! Embrace this trend by giving up your suits entirely or at least opting for wearing only one piece at a time. If you wear a blazer, pair it with a loose, flared trouser or even jeans if your industry allows it. If you can’t give up your tailored trousers just yet, choose a more casual top or even a fitted, modern t-shirt.

5) Know your industry

The last bit of advice is really about knowing your industry and how much you can get away with style wise. As start-ups take over the business landscape, we’ve seen the rise of casual workplaces where you can look professional even in jeans and a t-shirt. Some other industries, such as the legal field or corporate banking, remain quite conservative in their fashion. The styles you’ll be able to get away with all depend on the nature of your own industry. Just don’t be afraid to push the boundaries a bit with your fashion, that’s how trends are made after all!


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