How to Earn Great Online Customer Reviews for Your Small Business


In the small business world, one thing that can have the potential to give you a significant boost is positive online reviews. Unfortunately, you are just as likely to suffer from a drop in business from a slew of negative reviews. Because so much information about companies is obtained online by conscientious shoppers, you want to make sure that your online reputation is as positive as it can be.

Aside from the obvious step of offering excellent service to your clients, there are other ways in which you can gain a boost in your online reviews. Here are just a few ways in which you can achieve your goal of earning great online reviews for your small business.

Evaluate Your Shipping Process

If you have noticed a large number of negative reviews popping up online about the manner and amount of time in which your customers received their purchase from you, then it is time to evaluate your shipping process. Are you doing everything you can to ship purchases out as quickly as possible? Do you use reliable carries who consistently deliver shipments undamaged and on time? If not, you might need to entirely rethink your shipping methods.

Even if your delivery system is getting the job done, you might be able to do more. After all, your goal is to earn positive online reviews, not coast along as a mediocre business. Consider switching to a dropshipping service. This is a service that takes care of moving your purchases from your supplier to the consumer in a timely and efficient manner.

By trusting an expert dropshipping service, you won’t ever have to worry about orders going missing again. Moreover, you will impress your customers with such excellent shipping that they will be inspired to write some glowing online reviews.

Implement Better Customer Service Practices

How your company handles its customer service department is going to heavily influence the type of online reviews that you get. If your customer service team is slow to respond and ineffective in handling problems and complaints, then you won’t be likely to score those great reviews.

If, on the other hand, your team responds almost as quickly as complaints come in and are proactive in solving issues, then you will be able to effectively boost your online reputation. Consider giving the green light for customer service reps to offer discounts or partial refunds to appease dissatisfied customers; by providing such gestures when something has gone wrong, your show a level of commitment and care to your customers that will make them your biggest fans.

Ask for Reviews

You will rarely get something if you don’t ask for it. This concept can be directly applied to that of earning great customer reviews. If you know that a client or customer is happy with the product or service that you have provided, ask them to leave you an online review. Feel free to indicate the best place for them to leave their reviews, such as Yelp or Facebook.


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