3 Ways to Make Your Emails Work for You


Virtually every business with an online presence has conversion goals for their websites. Maybe that means you want them to purchase something online, or maybe it means you want them to sign up for your emails. In addition to being a great conversion opportunity themselves, thoughtfully created newsletters can help nudge visitors towards your other conversion goals.

If you want to make smarter decisions about your email marketing and get more out of your newsletters, consider:
● Keeping things simple
● Customizing your messages
● Analyzing recipients’ reactions

Streamline your email marketing by switching to a platform you’re already an expert at using.

Today, it isn’t hard to find email marketing platforms. All you have to do is type it into Google, and pages upon pages of results will pop up. But before you select a platform from the top of the list, consider finding a way to manage your email marketing from your personal favorite email platform, whatever it may be.

In addition to complicated software with steep learning curves, there are also much simpler solutions available that can transform your favorite email provider into a powerful mass marketing tool. For example, there is a chrome extension that allows you to use the same Gmail and Google Suite tools you already know and love to simplify your email marketing.

Get the attention of your newsletter recipients by sending them customized messages.

Do you want to boost your conversion rates? Then personalized emails are your new best friend. Research shows again and again that the most successful email marketing campaigns incorporate some element of personalization, so jumping on this bandwagon is one of the smartest things you can do for your the success of your marketing emails.

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If you pick the right email marketing platform (or browser extension, as the case may be), creating an email template and organizing a spreadsheet of data to fill it should be a piece of cake. Customized emails allow you to prompt users to return to abandoned shopping carts, tempt them with articles they’ll find interesting enough to click on, and suggest products or services they might be interested in purchasing.

Use analytics to figure out what is and isn’t working in your marketing emails.

You work hard to put together marketing emails. You gather content, create links to products and events, make sure the template formatting is perfect; maybe you even customize your messages. You send your hard work out into the world– or at least into your recipients’ inboxes– and then… what?

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If you don’t have any analytics set up for your emails yet, now is the time to do it. Keeping track of analytics will help you figure out which emails visitors are opening, which links they’re clicking on, and what’s grabbing their attention. An easy way to get started with email analytics is with UTM tracking, which works with Google Analytics to collect information about how your content is performing.

Next time you find yourself wondering how you can boost conversions on your website, consider implementing these tips and tricks into your email marketing strategy. Your conversion rate will thank you!


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