How to Overcome Email Marketing Problems & Maximize Profits?


The email has continued to retain its position as the most effective marketing tool. Fun fact-according to many research pieces, email marketing is one of the least challenging digital marketing modes to execute. But this in no way means that it is free from any obstacles and challenges, as is the case with other marketing channels.

A point of relief is that marketers can solve these challenges to achieve more effective results. In this piece, we will look at the most common challenges that plague marketers and business owners daily, along with their respective solutions.

Getting New Subscribers

Getting new subscribers has to take the top spot in the list of challenges that an email marketing agency faces. One of the most effective ways to overcome this hurdle is to give out and state the benefits your company offers to the subscribers. People are bound to have some critical concerns before they opt for your services, and your best bet is to have a crystal clear value proposition nicely laid out in front of them.

Tell people explicitly why they need to subscribe to your emails and what lies ahead of them regarding benefits and offers. It is advisable to grow your email list in an organic fashion instead of purchasing subscribers.

Increasing Open Rates

Like getting new subscribers for your email list, increasing open rates is another top challenge that digital marketers have to go through. There are multiple ways with which you can solve this problem. The first being that your focus should be on creating eye-catching subject lines for your emails because they are the first thing that viewers see in an email message.

Boosting Deliverability

Your email could have the catchiest subject line, and it won’t matter if it reaches directly into the recipient’s spam folder. Email marketers have had a tough time bypassing the spam filter, which remains a considerable challenge. Other deliverability issues include full inboxes and email addresses that don’t exist. Note that if your deliverability rate is very low, you might also get blocked by your Internet Service Provider, apart from just being a waste of time, effort, and money.

You can overcome this by making sure you don’t add any spam words in your subject line. These words vary by industry, but the most common examples include buy, cash, save, earn, subscribe click, cheap, free, trial, etc.; you need to avoid these as much as possible. Try removing inactive and unresponsive contacts from time to time from your list. By introducing an additional step in the signup process, you can steer clear of the non-existent email problem and resolve them by sending confirmation emails.

Retaining Followers

Growing your subscriber list means little if you are losing subscribers at the same rate. You need to retain existing subscribers if you want to do well in your venture. Sending out emails relevant to your audience at the right time is the key to retaining subscribers. For this, you will need to segment your email list and then address those segments’ respective pain points.

Create buyer personas and then pay heed to them individually. It is a known fact that email list segmentation has increased retention rates for various companies. You can give it a shot and see for yourself how much of an impact it has made.

Increasing Click-Through Rates

Improving click-through rates and then maintaining a constant number is another major stumbling block. Even if a person opens an email, it in no way means that they are reading the whole thing. They need to be clicking on the links inside the email for them to convert into paying customers. Email list segmentation comes in handy to resolve this issue as well. Low click-through rates can imply that the customers are not interested in whatever you are offering.

For this, you can consider running a re-engagement campaign by asking them if they want to continue receiving your emails or opt-out of them. Low click-through rates can also be a result of too frequent emails. To counter these rates, give your clients an option to customize the emails’ frequency according to their preferences. You can also invest in a more responsive design for the emails and make sure they open equally well on mobile devices.


By adhering to the aforementioned tips, you can certainly leverage email marketing for gaining new leads and overcome issues in implementation. Marketers can certainly segment their email lists, boost click-through rates, and retain subscribers by employing varied tactics to suit the prospect’s preferences.


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