Google Is King for Good Leads. Is Your Business Capitalizing?


Everyone knows the potential of Google. But surprising numbers of businesses either do not use AdWords campaigns, or try to run them in-house without the skills or time to do so – with predictable results.

That said, we know marketing budgets are precious. Activities such as telemarketing or events can ‘feel’ busy, but are they really driving your sales pipeline in the way you need? And even if they are, are they scalable in their reach, or so onerous that some budget cannot be put aside for advertising on Google?

The message is simple – Google Ads enable highly sophisticated targeting, and a potential audience that no other marketing channel can come close to. Even if you have had an unsuccessful experience with Google Ads before, that is likely due more to a wrongly executed campaign than it is to Ads really not working for your business.

The good news is that Google Ads are almost essential to generating new leads for your products. The bad news is that they can be tricky and time-consuming to get right.

How AdWords management services can help

If you are not currently running AdWords campaigns, or you are not reaping the rewards from them, it is probably time to consider using a professional AdWords management company.

For your campaigns to be successful, the reality is you need to be on the first page of a search – only 25% of people take the time to go past the first page of search results.

A skilled Google AdWords consultant will get your products where they need to be to be seen. It is true that many people avoid clicking on sponsored Ads. But the additional traffic that Ads will generate will also improve your site’s organic search optimization, so it is a win-win situation.

There is a clear business justification for Google Ads.

Unlike some other marketing platforms, you can quickly pivot with Google Ads if the results are not right. Small changes to titles, descriptions or landing pages can create immediate dividends. You just have to know what those changes are and when to make them. That is where an expert consultant will really earn their stripes.

How to hire AdWords consulting services

The next step is to make a decision on which AdWords consultant to hire. There is no shortage of choice – the trick is finding the right fit for your firm.

To get started, list out some priorities. Do you want:

A local agency, or are you happy to work remotely?
A smaller firm to grow with you, or a bigger firm for their expertise and track record?
What culture are you looking for from your agency?
Hands-off or hands-on?

Do some background research. Find out who their customers are, and Google them to see where they rank in relevant searches. If their clients all appear at or near the top of relevant keyword searches, the agency gets a thumbs-up on this front!

Also look for technical qualifications. Ensure the agency is an official Google partner. This will ensure they are well-versed in finer technical aspects and know the algorithm inside out.

Establish a partnership

Find an agency willing to put some skin in the game. If they are not confident in their abilities, then why should you be?

To test this out, ask for something like a short free proof of concept, or a trial period to see what kinds of leads you can expect. You could also negotiate some kind of contract that gives the agency a reward for hitting pre-agreed KPIs, or some small penalties if they are missed.

When establishing your partnership, agree those KPIs early. The agency will need to know what goals they are working to, and you need to be able to hold them to account. Measuring impressions and clicks are a good gauge. The true proof is in the pudding though. Converted leads and ultimately closed sales are what you ultimately need to pay attention to.

Also be careful of getting to excited by large numbers of leads. Keep a close watch on the quality of them, and how they convert into sales. That said, be realistic if you have a product with a longer sales cycle, as your leads may need some more nurturing before making a final purchase decision.

Work with your agency to deploy some A/B testing to see what works best, and if some small tweaks here and there impact the quality of your leads. It can also help you gather data to shape future campaigns and messaging.

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