How to Send the Perfect Email


No matter what kind of business you work in, it’s likely that emails comprise a significant part of your day. This means that you should definitely be very savvy in how to send an email correctly if you want to make sure that your work is a success. Despite the fact that email has been around for over 30 years, people still make a whole variety of mistakes when it comes to writing emails. To make sure that you are sending perfect emails, this guide has been created. Read on now in order to learn all about it.

Have an Email Signature

Email signatures are an essential way to stamp your own personality upon an email and to look professional. Without them, there is a high chance that the person that you are emailing will think that you are not being very professional, which could even limit the chances of them actually responding. Think about what you are trying to convey at the bottom of an email and create a signature that can be automatically added to all your sent messages. For a great email signature manager, check out the services available at

Nail the Grammar and Spelling

There is nothing that turns a potential client off more than poor grammar and spelling. While the email software you use might have some in-built spell and grammar checks, you’d be surprised by what can go through even when you use their service. Instead, it is highly important that you go through each line word by word to make sure that there are not any mistakes. This might seem like just a small matter, but can be the difference between a successful business proposition and an unsuccessful one. If you are not confident about your grammar and spelling, perhaps download a third-party service that can check it for you.

Know Who You Are Addressing

While a phrase like “to whom it may concern” may work in some limited contexts — for example, if you truly don’t know who is behind the email address you are sending a message to — it’s a much better idea to understand fully who you are emailing. This is so you can address them correctly. Never assume that someone is a Mr or a Mrs either — check their professional bio on somewhere like LinkedIn to double-check their gender and also their professional moniker.  If you are not sure, use a gender neutral term instead!

Have a Clear Aim in the Subject Name

When emailing someone in a professional context, there’s no point beating about the bush. Make sure that in order to stand out properly, you put what you want to get out of the email in the subject name, then use the subsequent text to properly lay out why you should connect. Conversely, having a vague aim in your email will quickly turn the potential client off, ruining the potential for a real relationship to emerge before you have even truly started.


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